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I've been writing a weekly Y2K column for the "Bloomington Independent" since January. For the issue of the 23rd, I'm doing two articles: "So You Haven't Done Anything Yet, Here's What You Can Do Now" and "If The Power Goes Down And You Haven't Done Anything". I have about a ton of material to draw from, but am interested in suggestions or perhaps pointers to an already established listing.

--Michael Redman This week's Y2K article: Y2K archives:

-- Michael Redman (, December 08, 1999


With no electricity or whatever, if you want fresh veggies for your family, go shopping at the local health food store and buy seeds and beans for sprouting. Have a quart jar and cheesecloth and print up some instructions on sprouting. Canned foods for survival, fresh veggies for your humanity.

-- Sammie (, December 08, 1999.

Remind them about water in their water heater, melted ice cubes and in their house's piping.

-- Gary S. (, December 08, 1999.

Some new items at my Costco: Portable 12 volt power source....charge up from AC, will start your car battery or give you power for numerous small things including a light for up to 18 hours. A cig lighter plug in for trouble lights etc. They had a Portawatz 300 watt inverter to plug into the power source so you can use AC plugs into the inverter. The had an emergency flourescent light with twin bulbs (which include 6 duracell batteries, car lighter adapter, amfm radio, spotlight, red/orange flasher, siren) which would plug into power source.

I bought it all for under $l00.

Also stocked nearby was an emergency kit with first aid, flashlight and solar radio for $30.

-- tc (, December 08, 1999.

I would suggest to buy double what you usually buy for the week and to fill every soda, milk, juice etc bottle with water after they are empty. This will be a start.

-- Carol (, December 08, 1999.

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