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Can you identify who was the architect chosen to design the United States building at the Panama Pacific International Exposition of 1915? A great-uncle of mine, Piromus H. Bell, submitted a design which is on file at the Library of Congress, but I do not know if it was successful and would be interested in finding out. Thanks.

-- Robert Wilson (, December 07, 1999


I don't believe there was a U.S.Building at the PPIE. There were individual state buildings and a number of other countries had their own buildings. (Including the Southern Pacific R.R. ) The main buildings were "palaces" devoted to various themes such as Fine Arts, Liberal Arts, Machinery, Horticulture, and so on. I can tell you who is on the architectual advisory board and who did a few of the major buildings, but there was no P.H.Bell among them.


-- Don Martinich (, December 10, 1999.

There was no US govt building at the PPIE. The reason was that Congress wanted the fair to provide the site and the money to build a structure for the US. The PPIE had not done so for any other government and refused. However, Congress did appropriate money for US exhibits in other buildings: Education, Machinery, Agriculture, etc. and the US Mint struck gold coins, including the $50 issue, at the PPIE. FDR was on the US Commission to the PPIE. Above from Todd's "The Story of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition."

-- Bill Roddy (, May 06, 2000.

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