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our water and sewer system comes from Baltimore City. for several months i have been trying to contact the officials to see the state of their prepareness without any success. Does anyone know if they got it or are they still trying to get y2k ready . thanks

-- jane snyder (, December 07, 1999


I can't answer for your utility, but give them a call. You didn't list the utility name in your post so I can't easily look it up on the web.

I'd bet, though, that they'll say they're ready. The Detroit water & sewer utility has been saying that around here, but are now running radio ads with the "ready for a three day winter storm" warning. Oh yes, they say to have water on hand, too.

Give yours a call and post their answer...

-- Gary S. (, December 08, 1999.

Maybe I'm just a skeptic, but I see no point in asking them. What would you expect them to say,,,,,"sorry. we screwed up and there's no way we're ready. You'll have to pee in your backyard and drink rainwater". Not likely. Just prepare as if they aren't ready.

-- (, December 09, 1999.

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