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Year 2000 New Years Eve worst case party scenarios? We sent these to our polly relatives. Heres what we came up with? Any more? Dec 31, 1999 Midnight: You can't get the lights back on after your "Y2K lights off party prank" 12:15 The neighbors lights are back on, but the battery is missing out of your truck 12:20 You notice that the gas has been syphoned out of your truck 12:45 The Dominos pizza guy finally shows up with an empty pizza box and a 357 demanding to be paid in cash. 1:00 You find yourself loading your shotgun to prevent your guests from stockpiling the hors' de jure's (do you know how to spell that?) 1:15 Your wife is passed out on the kitchen floor, but your not sure if was from too much to drink, or her brave attempt to defend the kitchen pantry 1:30 You find a syphon hose strung from your swimming pool to some 55 gallon drums in your neighbors back yard. 1:35 You realize that you were #1 on the Neighbors Y2K contingency list. 2:00 There are teenagers fighting in the front yard over the toilet paper and eggs they previously decorated your house with 2:15 A guest starts your sofa on fire to stay warm 2:30 You notice that the fireworks that began at midnight have not let up 3:00 Roving bands of National Guardsman after searching your home for any stockpiled provisions, are shaking their heads in disbelief, and abandon the effort 3:30 The late night, Denny's crowd shows up, looking for another party (Still clueless)

-- Robert J. Crandall (, December 07, 1999


Thanks Robert, I needed to smile for a change. The real humor is that I can actually imagine it happening!!!

-- franko (, December 07, 1999.

LOL, good one Robert!

-- Hokie (, December 07, 1999.

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