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Now the "Federal" Reserve (a privately owned bank that has nothing to do with the Federal Government) wishes to tax us for holding dollars in our wallets.

If this surprises you then you need to read the rest of this message and the links.

This is the start of the elimination of cash and Y2K will be used as the excuse. That is, fingers will point to Y2K and say, we don't want people to hoard cash like that again (even if they don't hoard, the Federal Reserve will claim that it was which is why they had to print up $50b+ in new currency).,1283,32121-1,00.html

If you'd like to learn (from Congressional records) about exactly how international bankers coerced Congress since the founding of the USA then critical reading is this lost book (The Comming Battle) from 1899 (only 2 copies are reportedly in existance now, but a link to the entire text is below).

It details from congressional records how the US monetary policy was formed by the banking powers during the United States' first 125 years while they tried 4 times to set up a central bank run by themselves (and finally did) which issues their own "bank" note which is now called the US dollar and whose circulation is completely and legally controlled by them (although the law that allows them to do this has been determined unconstitutional).

In particular it details exactly how the banks established the National Banking system which culminated in the privately owned "Federal" Reserve Banks (which have as much to do with the "Federal" government as Federal-Express as you'll find out from the second book listed below).

If Mr. Trump is truly intends to pay off the debt, then he has the most powerful people in the world as his enemy. He also has no option but to read this book and address the issues raised, as it describes the root of all of America's problems, which as the book explains, and which even Thomas Jefferson foretold would be disasterous, lies in the monetory policy as now practiced by the US.

The following is the Introduction to the book by the author himself.


In this volume the author endeavors to give an accurate history of the present National Bank System of currency, including an account of the first United States Bank, both of which were borrowed from Great Britain by those statesmen who, like the father of Sir Robert Peel, believed that a national debt was the source of prosperity.

It is believed that the facts adduced in the following pages will be productive of some good, in pointing out the immense evils lurking in that system of banking, a system which has produced panics at will, and which is the active abettor of the stock gamblers, railroad wreckers, and those industrial tyrants of modern times, the enormously overcapitalized and oppressive trusts.

It is sought to point out the great dangers of delegating purely government powers to these greedy monopolists, by which they are enabled to organize a money trust, far more tyrannical than all the other combinations now in existence; and by which they absolutely defy the authority that endowed them with corporate life.

The issue between these banks and the people will be joined in the near future, and the greatest struggle the world ever witnessed will take place between the usurping banks on the one hand and the people on the other.

In the nature of things, unjustly acquired power of man over man generally rises to such heights of arrogance, as to eventually create a public opinion that will grind tyranny of every form to atoms, hence, The Coming Battle that will surely take place in the near future and the victory that will be won by justice will be the noblest events in American history.

The Author.

Below is a the internet link to the book.

After reading the above read the seminal speech of Congressman Louis McFadden to Congress explaining exactly why the Federal Reserve should not be set up during the debate of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913. (Ignore the comments on the site before the speech if you don't want any editorial and go straight to the speech. Its the only site I've found that has the speech)

After reading the above read "The Creature from Jekyll Island" for the full details on the Federal Reserve which basically re-organized what the bankers had already setup by 1899 into a nice tidy package.

Here's a link to a review of it (you'll find the book on

-- Interested Spectator (, December 07, 1999


1) for a number of reasons the "holding Tax" is unworkable. We went over this a month ago.

2) this is at least the second post of the book/website on banking you have made. Enough is enough.


-- Chuck, a night driver (, December 07, 1999.

Just didn't want the info lost, so thought after my first post that it would be better if it had its own thread. My mistake for posting it twice and should have only posted it once, in its own thread.


-- Interested Spectator (, December 07, 1999.

Previous discussion from last month:

Cash Tax - Fed plan to make your money expire if you hold it

-- Linda (, December 07, 1999.

For those that can't accept the fact that the NWO is not just a wrestling group (idiotic as THAT is)...for those that don't seem to be able to understand what the Federal Reserve System is for...

Look at the Seatle-WTO protest...that is the face of the New World Order: agree with it or be supressed (or sent to count trees)

-- Brent James Bushardt (, December 07, 1999.

The Coming Battle has been reprinted and is available through a number of publications. See for one.

-- Patrick (, December 07, 1999.

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