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My Contract for Grade 1999-2000

-- Kim McDonald (, November 18, 1998.

My contract for grading will include the following projects: for an "A"

1. I will be volunteering on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the remainder of the school year to read to and with children in Mrs. Johnson's 1st grade class who may not get the support they need at home. I will also teach all of Mrs. Johnson's students, in pairs, how to utilize all of the classroom software and proper computer techniques. I will keep a journal of my experience. I am working with one child quite extensively in reading. **DONE**

2. I am working with social services to become more involved in the Wrap Around Program. It is to be determined how much time I will spend with children after school or involved in other meaningful activities. I have not been approachedI believe that they need more male role models? ***Ommitted***

3. I am also planning on reading a book and submitting a report. (I am still narrowing down my choices.) Responsive Classroom?

4. I am signed up to do an article for the International Falls paperunfortunately I am at the end of the list. The topic I would like to research and present is on understanding and managing stress as a parent. I would like to present some useful techniques for parents to try and remind them that parenting isn't an easy jobfor anybody! I am gathering information

5. My husband and I are currently scheduled to participate in four 3-4 day camping trips through the WrapAround Program this summer 1999. I would like to include this as part of my "A" requirement.

*We will take 3-5 kids predetermined by social services.

*Acitivites include fishing, cooking, tubing, storytelling, hiking, swimming, and any other activities the children suggest!! ***DONE*** Hi Kim, Your submission sound like it is tailored to meet your needs in your current and best prepare you for your return to a classroom someday. By working with at-risk students such as the ones you will be assigned, you will need to examine various techniques that would best with particular individuals - this will be a great learning opportunity for you and the documentation will fulfill the requirements for both of the years. Good luck to you, Mary Ann

-- Mary Ann Rotondi (, December 12, 1998.

-- Anonymous, December 07, 1999


Hi Kim, It was good to see you in better health last evening! Your proposal looks quite extensive and it will meet the requirements for an "A" project. I would be interested in your journal of experiences, so if you could bring that on January 5th, that would be great! Happy Holidys to you and your family! Mary Ann

-- Anonymous, December 16, 1999

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