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The price of a standard 10-year passport will
go up from #7 to #28, as part a package of
reforms described by Home Secretary Jack
Straw yesterday as the "minimum necessary"
to make up for failings in the system.

The Tories accused the Government of
"persecuting" ordinary passport applicants
hoping to escape over the holiday period and
of forcing them to pay for the mistakes of the
Passport Agency, which was stripped of its
Chartermark after computer failure left
500,000 queuing for their travel documents at
the height of the August holiday season.

The Electronic Herald

-- spider (, December 07, 1999


I think they mean it will go up by #7 to #28. I've just renewed mine, and it cost #21.

-- Rob (rob@planet.rob), December 07, 1999.

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