S.toned A.thiest P.hysicalist explains why prayer is a good preparation activity.

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*why you'd want to sit comfortably with your eyes closed and ask and for strength and guidance, in the face of potential disaster.

I recommend it, because it can help you reprogram your brain, to have you better manifest the things you requested from "God." (I just don't buy that whole god story, lets agree to disagree.) Ok, it might not be just your brain you're reprogramming, humans might well have a "soul" or a "spirit" or a "chi" or a "yet to be measured physical field"....20 other names.

Well yeha maybe we do, maybe that's what you're reprogramming, it doesn't matter for this question, i prefer to call it a "brain".

And maybe "re-programming" is the wrong term, maybe "consulting" or "hoping" or "querying". "prayer" as a popular term, is close enough for all intents and porpoises. You can double-click on the help file of your mind. It's good to press escape when you're booting up your mind in the morning, and just re-check if you're ok with your mental/emotional/behavioural/"spirit"ual configuration.

Whatever you want to call it, it's a good idea to sit away from all distractions for a fair while, and sit, in undisturbed silence, and listen to what comes to you.

" &3*>- (it's hard to draw a woman in ascii.)" you have to ignore mental distractions, and re-focus to concentrate on what matters. :) Maybe only for 10 minutes or whattever.

I'm sure it's worth a try.


A lot of the reasons and motivators that we live by day-to-day, are about to be swept away, but some will remain the same. We're about to be making choices which will indelibly shape our future existence. Adaptability will be the key. We're approaching a whopping big fork in the road....

Mmmmmmmmmaking this a good time for you to consult with that personal sub-routine, containing a somewhat buggy database describing..

--- *** what you really want.. and what life's all about, what am i trying to do here...how do I feel about things...and what do i want to happen. *** ---

Some people naturally consult with it daily and are generally more succesful in their endeavours, some of us forget that we've still got that file on our hard disk. This process helps to unzip & activate the programs your mind already contain ((Shhhhh! They're actually a built in feature of the operating system. Evolution was a monopoly too!)) These programs are utilities, applications, and they help us survive and succeed and experience.

We've all got untapped mental software that is capable of increasing our potential, and increasing our prospects. It would be a good time to start trying to access and apply these, in whichever manner makes sense to you. I'd reccomend praying , sounds like it's still popular... Not that that it's my thing. Even though y2k is essentially a physical comfort/survival/safety issue, you can still find much use in the deeper mental part of yourself, whatever that is /or whatever you think that is.

Don't tell me we haven't got a prayer.! ;~) Y2k's not that baaaad!

----- Disclaimer... Oh I'd probably recommend LSD too, so I'm not so sure you should listen to me. I might be just talking total bollocks because i've got nothing better to do. I am not a registered and bonded purveyor of airy-fairy gobshite. Just remember to get fired up! --y2k is here.!!!

-- number six (ecccckky@thump!.com), December 07, 1999


number six --- you're off your meds again, aren't you? ;-)

Recommended to a good friend who has been painstakingly responsible about Y2K and is under a lot of stress (as are we all, of course) that he take an entire day off between now and rollover and .... do ... literally .... nothing (or whatever passes for nothing, which, for some people, can be chopping wood and carrying water). Regrettably, I'm altogether confident he won't do it.

I enjoy sitting and looking at our hills, fields, deer, turkeys et al for an hour at a time without thinking about anything except how beautiful it is.

"Even" as a Christian, I have no problem with saying that the Creator gave ALL of us (by definition, we are all creatures, eh?) extraordinary capacity for checking out and rebooting our "mental software", as number six put it so technocratically.

It also doesn't hurt to consider that Y2K, whatever happens, is the merest blip against the background of the ages -- take that positively, not as a reason to view everything as meaningless! Whatever happens, we will look back ten years from now and have a remarkably distanced perception of all the frenzy pre-rollover. That is one of the healthy programs of that "mental software's" operating system, btw.

Personally, I DON'T recommend LSD, however. It is likely to cause your "system clock" to show "1900" when you need it to show "2000".

-- BigDog (BigDog@duffer.com), December 07, 1999.

Well said Big Dog, I think it's a "package deal" that involves body/mind/spirit, and that we have known that this was comming all our lives and so here we are. Verrry interesting.....

-- Zeda (rickster@n-jcenter.com), December 07, 1999.

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