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This is the internal Y2K prep statement by my mid sized telecomms company. We also have a much more detailed 0-day response plan, but this it the general distribution document.

There's nothing really that interesting in here, it's just posted FYI. However, I do like the bit about Facilities only supplying help to "essential" parts of the business. I wonder how I find out if I'm "essential" or not? :)

Please find a few useful tips and information relating to Y2K:

7 All of our IT systems have been rigorously tested for Year 2000 readiness and as far as we can assess at this time we do not expect to experience any major problems. Therefore employees scheduled to work over the holiday period should attend work at their designated times and locations. Employees due to return to work after the holiday period should report for work as normal on Tuesday 4th January 2000.

7 Personal transactions such as stock option changes and payroll transactions should be executed prior to 17th December, if possible, to avoid last minute delays and overloads.

7 Please ensure that any recent personal changes have been communicated to HR (complete Employee Personal Change Information form).

7 Payroll, the following timetable will be followed for processing of payrolls over the Christmas and New Year period.

Pay Date Due To be paid on Timesheets Payable

Thurs 23 Dec Tues 21 Dec W/C 27 Nov & 4 Dec (submission by noon Mon 13th Dec)

Thurs 6 Jan Thurs 6 Jan W/C 11 Dec (submission by noon Mon 20th Dec)

Thurs 20 Jan Thurs 20 Jan W/C 18, 25 Dec & 1 Jan (submission as normal by noon Tues 11th Jan)

The above submission dates apply to Standby, Incremental Payments, Shift Allowance, Bank Account Details etc.

In the event of systems problems following the New Year employees will be paid on the basis of a duplicated payroll of Tuesday 21st i.e. If you get #XX on Tuesday 21st you will get #XX on Thursday 6th January with appropriate adjustments made in the payroll of January 20th

7 Expense claims received in Finance by 17:00hrs December 17th will be paid to employees by December 24th.

Expense claims received after 17:00 hours December 17th but before 17:00 hrs January 7th will be paid to employees by January 14th.

Employees are advised expense claim forms should be submitted as soon as possible after their credit card statement arrives. Finance advice to employees is to submit cash expense claims to the date of the credit card statement rather than wait to the end of the calendar month.

7 Pension Plan Year 2000 Compliance: Aon Consulting Limited, our pension actuaries, advisers and administrators, have assured us that whilst they cannot give any guarantee or warranty of Year 2000 Compliance, their administration systems and suppliers have been rigorously tested for Year 2000 readiness.

7 Users should not attempt to log in remotely from Dec. 25th to Jan 3rd inclusive, except for business critical activities or Y2K related support. If we encounter Y2K problems, especially if we move to contingency operation, the integrity of data and communications cannot be guaranteed.

7 In the event of an interruption of services (power and water) Facilities will provide emergency support and supplies only to those areas, departments or employees that have previously been deemed as essential. Preservation of the buildings and building equipment will have priority followed by the computer systems. Facilities will not respond to requests for services or supplies on an ad-hoc basis.

7 All employees on site at the turn of the millennium should carry a personal flashlight. In the event that incoming electricity supplies are lost, emergency diesel generators will provide lighting with no additional back up. Should the generators fail the area it is supplying will be plunged into blackness and any one not carrying a flashlight will be placed at risk.

7 Please ensure that you have powered down and turned off your PC or other non essential equipment when you leave work in December to minimize equipment damage due to power failure;

-- Anonymous this time (_@_._), December 07, 1999


So what country is this from?

"If you get #XX on Tuesday 21st you will get #XX "

-- Hokie (, December 07, 1999.

I'm disappointed Hokie. That's pound Stirling. ( U.K. money-usually in the range of exchange to U.S.$ between $1.50- $1.70 to one)

on de rock

-- Walter (on de, December 07, 1999.

Ooops, that's sterling, not stirling.

on de rock

-- Walter (on de, December 07, 1999.

Reasonable precautions.....I would not be surprised if many thousand other HR departments are going to down the "if problems happen, you'll get paid what you got paid last time" trick.....

It is safer than trusting the computer over the turnover day for payrolls.

Hint: Watch for millions of city/state/federal/local government paychecks, payroll deposits, retirement plans, pensions, insurance, and health care errors to happen in the first two/three paychecks/deposits in January.

It's beginning to look like the governments (in general) are the least able to "tolerate" change and confusion.

Businesses, as always, are most flexible.

-- Robert A. Cook, PE (Marietta, GA) (, December 07, 1999.

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