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I'm so glad to have found this helpful!! I have wanted to get some superchlorinator granular for water storage (instead of bleach, supposedly infinite shelf life and very concentrated) Is granular calcium hypoclorite the same thing? I heard you could get superclorinator at pool supply places, but anywhere else? Saw something similar at Sam's, but it had some additives in it, making it unsuitable for drinking water. Thanks for any help, I'm relieved to have some productive discussion other than the most recent "Have you got your Holiday baking done??" Michele

-- Michele Farnese (, December 06, 1999


Pool places are best for having the stuff every month of the year, but hardware stores also sell pool bleach. See the text BLEACH.TXT at for the formula. You are correct that you want only bleach, no anti-fungals, no clarifiers, etc.

-- Ken Seger (, December 07, 1999.

i thought i read a post that said if your water is already treated by a public water plant, that you don't need to add the bleach. i have decided not to do it for my short term water.

-- tt (, December 07, 1999.

Got mine at Ames in August.

tt, think disinfection and cleaning, not water storage.

-- nothere nothere (, December 08, 1999.

tt, the amount of chlorine in municipal water by the time it gets to your house is highly variable. The amount of bleach needed for clear water is very minimal. You probably won't notice any difference and you can always pour the water back and forth between to jugs to aerate it and make it taste better if you find that you can tell the difference.

You know if Y2K gets serious at all, people and going to be a lot more grateful and less picky about color, taste, etc.

You are much further ahead adding a little bleach now to stored municipal water than dealing with accumulated growth later if the water you tapped was low on chlorine that day and hour.

-- Ken Seger (, December 10, 1999.

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