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I received my new Polaroid 545i film holder today and spent the afternoon trying it out. I used Type 52 film and the first three exposures were terrible. The film was completely black. Did the usually checks during the first & second exposures, lens closed, shutter cocked, etc. All was correct.

Took film back as the expiration date had come and gone on the box. Was given another box of Type 52 and the first exposure the same thing, all black. I was getting thoroughly pissed at this point.

Disassembled the film holder and found a metal clip from where I don't know inside the film holder. Reassembled holder and attempted to insert film (with holder out of camera this time) into holder. I heard and saw the retainer click as it engaged the film packet metal clip. All is well now. Polaroid gets a goose egg for QA.

I'd just thought I'd pass this along as a learning experience. Hope others don't have the same problem, but it's not a bad idea to open the holder. might be surprised at what others left behind.

-- Denis Hill (, December 06, 1999



Are you sure your friendly retailer didn't sell you a returned and restocked holder? I'd find that more likely than Polaroid sending out a new holder with a clip stuck inside. But who knows?

-- Greg Lawhon (, December 07, 1999.

The retailer was B&H in New York. I sent them a letter regarding the problem. When I received the holder it was what I would consider factory sealed/packaged but what do I know. Ypu could be righ

-- Denis Hill (, December 07, 1999.

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