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The club will be opening it's account within the next week. Do you want to make two "buys" once it's opened (within a couple of weeks of each other) or do you want to wait and make them at the beginning of the month?

A related question: approximately how much money would you put in if we were going to make two buys in quick sucession?

-- Anonymous, December 06, 1999


I'm up for two buys the first month, spending $100 on each of them. Then back to one buy per month.

I also think we should hold the first buy until after the Y2K thing has died down, maybe the 15th or so of Jan. Lots of people might pull their money out around the 1st, but they'll put it back. We should just put ours in a tad earl

-- Anonymous, December 06, 1999

I would prefer to make a couple buys soon. I like to have money work as hard as possible as long as possible, until I retire.

To the related question, I'd put in at least $150 for each of the two buys.

-- Anonymous, December 06, 1999

I agree with Brian (what else is new). If two buys look good, spend half of what I have already contributed on each. Once Y2K has come and gone I'll be happy to add more money as necessary. Thanks for setting up the web page guys

-- Anonymous, December 06, 1999

Rack up another vote for 2 buys within a month. A question I have is what stocks to buy. It's relatively likely that the same company will be #1 both those weeks, as we've seen with Legato. Will we use the #2 if this occurs? Also, do we want to bother market timing? Y2K is probably an issue, but can we judge the bottom well enough if the market does actually have a significant fall. My honest opinion is that there won't be all that much of a drop, maybe just movement to the blue chips.

I ramble. Ian

-- Anonymous, December 06, 1999

I don't think Jan 1st will be an issue. The only thing I'm going to use it for is for aggressive limit pricing because I assume most people will be on vacation and there will be large intraday price swings on low volume (no doubt what market analysts will term end-of-the-year wackiness, when it happens every holiday weekend).

What I will do with the ranks is drop Legato off the list after we buy it. Then the number 2 stock (which has been Network Appliance, NTAP) will become #1. NTAP has had a steady run at #2, being there for 3 weeks or so thus far.

-- Anonymous, December 06, 1999

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