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From the November National Guard Magazine (an interesting read, BTW)

Foiling Y2K's Worst:

Massive preparations should minimize computer bug-related disruptions at home,but Guard is ready to help if needed. Biggest problems may be overseas.

National Guard Magazine

November 1999

By Chris Maddaloni

*el snippo mucho*

"...The worries at home now are becoming a social issue as well as a technical one. Guard officials say they would not be surprised if the start of the new millennium provoked unrest or violence, especially from cults or terrorists.

The Washington Post reported that the FBI is warning police chiefs nationwide that it has discovered evidence of religious extremists, racists, cults and other groups preparing for violence as New Year's Eve approaches, and is urging law enforcement agencies to view the dawn of the next millennium as a catalyst for criminal activity.

In the nation's capital, all FBI and police time-off has been cancelled for the two weeks surrounding New Year's in anticipation of potential issues related to the conversion.

D.C. Mayor Anthony Williams has also asked the Guard to help the police with crowd control during the celebration, Lischke noted. There is also concern that perceived Y2K worries will turn into a panic, with runs on ATMs and grocery stores....."

-- Lewis (, December 06, 1999.

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