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Recieved this from a friend this morning:

Please post:

According to Rep. Steve Horn, there are 18 Federal programs 'at risk of failure' as of his last report card of the century. These are anticipated failures due in most part, to their State level partners (local level) not having it together.

When he was asked : "How do we help prepare people who may be dependant on these programs to be informed, to be prepared, to have their own contingency plan....What can Y2k News Radio do to be part of the solution?", the response was: " Contact the heads of these programs at state level". Ask for evidence that people dependant on these programs have been notified of the facts, that they may not get these services, and have a clear statement of what they need to do to be prepared.

Okay, we accept the challenge. The following States are at risk in thier:

Child Nutrition Programs : AL., AK., MD., MO., NM., OR.
Food Stamps: AL., AK., DC., GA., GUAM., IL., NH., OH., OK., VIRGIN ISLANDS

We now must identify the proper "Heads" of these programs and rattle thier cages. It will take an ALL-OUT EFFORT!. Please email cliff@genesisspecialty.com with appropriate department directors as you find them. I will forward and/or post the information appropriately.

If people who are dependant on these programs are not informed, and are not prepared, it may very well be the end of the world as THEY know it. Let's help to avoid that, by getting active, by being part of the solution, by asserting the need of these very important programs to notify and prepare their recipients.

Other programs will posted and discussed on the air (www.m2ktalk.com) all this week. We will try to incorporate this information with the Mike Adams', Y2knewswire Rally.

Finger crossed with 24 days to go! cliff@genesisspecialty.com

-- Ryker (ryker@soybean.chat), December 06, 1999

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