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I live in Flagstaff Az and we are being sprayed almost every day. Last Sat and Sun they really picked up the pace. I counted 7 planes in the sky on Sun and at the end on the day they made a square emcompassing all of Flagstaff. Last summer I mowed the lawn and became ill with shortess of breath and coughing. I spent 2 months in and out of bed every other day. My Dr. says I now have asthma, I have never smoked and have always been in excellent health. Are they spraying every one else as much as they are spraying us?

-- Mary Tower (, December 06, 1999


Yes, they are. In Charlotte, NC - In Western NC - last night, there were strange clouds. I have a view of the sky from my bed. I watched these clouds merge and form a cloud blanket that covered the whole sky, from horizon to horizon.

Weather control? Gassing of the public? Gene Warfare? All the above? At this juncture, it really doesn't matter. Senate and Congress has been alerted, as well as minor testimony. Newspapers won't touch the subject except a few localized papers and "fringe" mags.

The masses don't do anything until it effects them personally. Since few are aware or informed nothing gonna happen.

Have to also consider that maybe our benovelent .gov might be "immunnizing" us (furthest possiblity on my list, but still a possiblity).

Bottom Line: It's very "supernatural" and adds to the big picture.

-- dw (, December 06, 1999.

Darl'in by the time you're huddled in your house because a plane with a vague, mysterious, deadly conspiracy, conducted by an unspecified "they," is flying over your head the only help for you is with a psychiatrist.

It sure looks to me like you're an undiagnosed paranoid schizophrenic. Common adult asthma is the least of your troubles.

-- Paula (, December 06, 1999.

"They" are spraying everywhere but where I live. The only thing we seem to get is exhaust from the jet engines. My 12-year-old kid even knows what causes those white streak in the sky.

I thought I would never see this day, but I agree with Paula.

By the way, what exactly are "they" spraying from the planes in your area?

-- (, December 06, 1999.

oh, my.

looks like chowbabe got herself into attack mode again. what is it with u, paula, that you have to:

a. either attack launch individual attacks on posters , or

b. rant about hyperinflation because the price of spice goes up.

Talk about being off the deep end, whew. Maybe the relative obscurity of the internet give you room to feel free to be 'in-your-face' aggressive?

Calm down and take your medication.

-- me (waiting@to.see), December 06, 1999.

They're doing it here too...NW Louisiana. We have a site up for ArkLaTex residents to report spray dates, and for all interested in this issue. Our take on the chemtrails: 1. It's mass anthrax inoculation: Sounds plausible, however that's a lot of expense and effort for one chemical agent. Our government likes doing things minimum effort maximum gain...and any bio attack may not come from anthrax at all. So this one we've set aside until more info sirfaces. Plausible, not entirely reasonable.

2. It's covert (ha!) spraying of a harmless pathogen over populated areas where potential for violent outbreak is expected, the pathogen can then be initialized and activated thru the use of electromagnetic frequencies that triggers "X" response in the population, from riot control to docility and compliance to out right behavior suggestion. Entirely plausible...the boys have conducted mind control testing since the 60's, taking info from Russia even. They DO in fact have the cababilities to perform such constitutional rights's called "nonlethal weaponry"...but perhaps not reasonable as they'd be spraying the military personnel and other agents they need to do the task to begin with. Not entirely out of the question tho. And God knows we shouldn't put it past them. Look for increased stress, or increased apathy post spraying.

3. It's the Dod, Air Force and HAARP conducting weather modification experiments and preparing to blast the ionosphere with elm frequencies that can disrupt the entire balance of the planet. The DoD is funding the HAARP project (which is supposed to be academic ~ why is US Defense Intelligence funding a collegiate program?) and HAARP admits to preparing to blast the ionosphere, and the use of frequencies modifying behavior is not out of the range of capability (see point 2)...the Air Force has been working with weather control and manipulation alongside the DoD for warfare advantage for years. Combine points 2 and 3 and an alarming picture comes into focus, especially with the nearing Y2K transition. They tout computer problems as being a nuisance, not a catastrophe...but the reactions of the people in urban areas is of great concern to them. My suggestion is to spend an afternoon browsing the official US Federal websites...the DoD, the Air Force, the Army, Coast Guard, the Defense Intelligence, CIA, all of READ. Search for nonlethal weapons, HAARP, weather (modification), etc. It's all there in black and white.

Just a little food for thought. S.

-- Stacey (, December 06, 1999.

Well, I've been outside just waitin' for them to spray me but, no luck. Dang it ! Ya'll get all the attention ! I'm callin' Willie back and we're gonna have us 'nuther down home chat 'bout this deal (LOL).

You guys crack me up. You must be resilient though 'cause your still in the gene pool. Amazing...

-- Rob (, December 06, 1999.

By the way, what exactly are "they" spraying from the planes in your area? -Polly

Polly- If you had been paying attention to this forum you would know what they are spraying! Try to keep up will you. OK, for the last time... It is a complex top secret elixir which when sprayed on the people of the United States will produce the following: anthrax immunity(causing flu-like symptoms), passive-state mind-control, asthma, stuttering, kaliedascopic visual auras and incredibly amusing anectdotes from those who have received their "dose". Note: It is rumored there are other effects also but these remain "classified" and are therefore only speculated on by people of this forum. I'll not get into those because we need to concentrate on what we "know".

-- CD (, December 06, 1999.

I live in Ark and I noticed the contrails last summer before they became a big issue. I just thought how weird the streams looked all criss-crossed across the sky. There were hundreds of them. I haven't noticed any more since then. This was in the area of a coal power plant, US arsenal, and US toxic research center.

-- Carol (, December 06, 1999.

They've branched out since, Carol :-( Great beginnings :-P

-- sprayed (here@too.getting sick), December 06, 1999.

The chowbabe can't help being a bitch. Picture her lunging and straining at her leash, barking and growling, showing fierce fangs and get the picture. That's how I see you, chowbabe.

-- justam (really@sickof.her), December 06, 1999.

Here's Paula's homepage: and here is a little more insight into Paula's little world:

Is the pot calling the kettle black now?

And you can always do a search on for the complete list of paula's wisdom.

-- (formerly known as nobody@nowhere.zzz), December 06, 1999.

Yep Rob...only the strong will survive...the meek shall inherit the earth...and stupid is as stupid does. Care to contribute anything of worth to this board or do you just prefer to show the size of your own genes? Uh, gene?

-- stacey (, December 06, 1999.


Please leave Gene out of this one. He hasn't been gassed as yet, (that he knows of.) But he is keeping his options open.



-- gene (, December 06, 1999.


I have seen my fair share of things that I cannot explain. Just because I can't explain it, doesn't mean it is of evil nature nor is is conspirital. Most of the time, there is a rational explanation to be had, should the individual unpark their mental facilities and pursue a logical approach to the matter. Now, I know what I said can be taxing and there are no hidden words in it but, for your sake, I will slow down. Breathe.....

OK, here we go again. Some things I admit are strange because we cannot rationalize (oops, another biggy there) but IF you understand that man (nor woman) has not been privy to ALL the knowledge of the heavens, then you can understand the puzzelment of such matters. Whew I be yer heads a'spinnin' now, huh babe ?

I just think that we have enough to worry about without being afraid to breathe. I mean c'mon, Don't you think, just for a second, that if we were being sprayed we would be dropping dead ? Oh, innocculation ! Yeah, I about forgot. OK, then. Immunize me for free. Saves me the copay at the docs office. I mean there are the two aspects to this right ? Either they are protecting us, or they are eliminating us. Is there something in between that I may have overlooked ?

If they are protecting us, isn't that what you and I pay my tax dollars for ? Huh ? In fact, I am healthier this year than I have ever been. So, my money is going to good use.

If in fact they are trying to eliminate us, why the h*ll aren't you dead ? Why am I wasting my time trying to get through that titanium helmet you are wearing ? You apparently aren't dead, right ? Is it a timed released agent scheduled to hit us on the 31st ? And plllllease, if they are trying to eliminate us, don't you think they would see that they are using the wrong stuff because "THERE AIN'T NOTHING HAPPENIN'". (I did the "ain't" on purpose because I can.)

Anyway, if any reader thinks for a minute that my train of though holds no water, I would sure welcome you to write me directly with your stance using substantiated and verifiable information. Otherwise, I will continue to think your Lithium levels are still too low (Chemtrail posters). Enough said on that. BTW Stacey, are you free Saturday ??? I LIKE a "spunky" woman ! (hehe)

-- Rob (, December 06, 1999.

Ah rob, that was soo much better. Thanks for going out of your way there. :-) Unfortunately no, I'm washing my hair on Saturday...then I'm spending a nice quiet one at home with my man, who happens to be Rob too. I'm thinking I'm gonne get "robbed".

As for the chemtrails, I know what I see. I don't at all think it's mass inoculation...they aren't that concerned about us and ordinary media tells that story perfectly. Check out the La Chemtrails site...for our side of the fence.

Spunky? heheh...wait.

-- Stacey (, December 07, 1999.

Take. A. Picture.

-- Colin MacDonald (, December 07, 1999.

Rob, of course they, and we, aren't dead yet. They've been spraying for ten or fifteen years, so far. Obviously it's a very slow acting spray. Give it another few years, then tell us how safe it is, you damned optimist!

Paula, I went to your web site. Even though my neighbor has a bunch of chow dogs which are very nearly useless, and are about to be "lost" due to one of them's chewing its way almost all the way through the wall of their house, I think you are cool, anyway. How's the inflation in your area now (s. cal, wasn't it?)

Stacey, you say that you are sure the chemtrails are not innoculants; therefore, I assume (I know, I know) that you think you're being poisoned. Please answer Rob's question, OK? Why aren't you dead yet????

Colin, you're cool, too. But why do you tell them to take pictures? There are plenty of pictures available already. They all look like regular jet trails, except that these seem to be spreading due to their ability to saturate the nearby stratospher (too many planes/ relatively high humidity, I assume). Only exception I've seen posted is a bunch of tight circles. These either have to be touched up, or the pilot was experiencing incredible g forces. These circles were TIGHT!

Lots of people here have suggested sampling the "spray". I can't imagine that there is actually anything to sample, but, hey, go ahead and try it if you've got lots of spare time and money.

Please don't spike the samples, though...


-- Al K. Lloyd (, December 07, 1999.

A~ Actually, my personal opinion is that it has more to do with DoD weather modification and HAARP after the research I've been doing.

And why am I not dead yet? Cause I'm a Scorpio. Dig?

-- Stacey (, December 08, 1999.

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