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Dear Sir,

I've bought a Lenz LG100(Digital plus brake module). However, I am not an expert in electronics wiring and do not familiar with the diagrams they provided. One day I have come accross your homepage and known that you are an expert in electronics. Therefore, I am writing to you for your help to connect the LG100. Please tell me if you can give me a hand so that I can send you the info you need.

Best regards.


-- Stephen LAU (octupus@hongkong.com), December 06, 1999



The LENZ LG100 is essentailly a dedicated packet generator that produces a speed mode of ZERO speed. The suggested hook up is through a DEDICATED booster (One for normal and the 2nd booster for the breaking section). Next there are several ways to sense or recognize the train in the section to be braked. A magnetic reed or a current sense switch is required. Different track separation with gaps is called for pending the sensing choices made. The two relays shown in the LG100 manual effectively direct the LG100 (with dedicated booster) into the breaking section when the signal is RED or leave the main booster connected. The figure 1 shows the main booster to be "A" and the dedicated breaking booster to be "B". Figure two inverts these connections and calls the breaking booster "a" and the normall booster "b". These will need to be changed. Note that the diagrams are set up for one direction traffic (and assumed reed switch sense) in the illustration. Two way traffic (and control) will require some additional sense switches and blocking set up. Also, note that simple switches are shown to control the GREEN and RED condition of the signal. How do you control (set) the signal condition? What form of track occupancy sense to you use? Do you need one way or bi-directional control? The options are somewhat endless pending what you need to accomplish and which choices of track detection and signal control you have made.

-- Ed McCamey (emccamey@cheerful.com), December 06, 1999.

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