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On Friday night we had a hurricane - the worst storm in Denmark ever (since records began). Widespread destruction, electricity blackouts, floods. My candle stock came in very useful!

(But I'm disappointed: just a 1-day storm? what about this '3-day storm' we've been promised?)

-- Risteard Mac Thomais (, December 06, 1999


so sorry to hear about your storm. seems to be the year of "worsts". glad your family was safe and the preps came in handy. i know for me, i will live prepared from now on. much smarter way to live.

-- tt (, December 06, 1999.

Feel blessed... that you're ready for life's unexpected storms... short or long.

Glad you're okay. Are most people in Denmark better now? It's a beautiful little country.



-- Diane J. Squire (, December 06, 1999.

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