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Simple question: Why is the Silverdale Costco so darn-tootin' busy this time of year? It's not like there is some huge sale taking place or any radical "gotta have" items on hand. I think most of what they sell is CRAP. I can't figure out why SO many people swarm to the place like they do, only to buy baskets and flatbeds full of unnecesary CRAP. And why does everybody love those nasty polish/hot dogs that we sell at our Food Court area? Ugh. The whole place drives me insane. What's your take on the outfit?

-- Anonymous, December 06, 1999


Jaimee and I happen to like those polish dogs -- I like mine with lots of kraut, and Jaimee with mustard (ick) and onions (double ick). The great thing about those sausages is that for the next 24 hours after consumption, you have stank nasty hot dog breath, and all for just a dollar and some change. That includes a 20 oz. fountain soda, your choice of flavor! Has anyone tried a Chicken Bake? I've always been curious about those, but never brave enough to actually buy one. Jaimee would like to know about the smoothies. Let us know.

Costco is great because if you don't have any money on you, just find a friend with a Costco membership and go sample-crazy. Costco is also the only place you can buy Cattle Drive chili and El Monterey Chicken Chimichangas (don't confuse those with the beef burrito, as someone I know did, much to their dismay).

In short, Costco is a fabulous place to shop in bulk, get a quick dog, or get good deals on high dollar merchandise. If I were as lucky as you to work at Costco, I would be beside myself in pleasure. If Jaimee were a store, she'd be a Costco.

Costco. The all-American shopper's mecca.

-- Anonymous, December 06, 1999

Now I am soooo craving a Costco sausage. It's a shame that even if I got one, I wouldn't be able to open my mouth wide enough to eat one. Damn wisdom teeth.

-- Anonymous, June 12, 2000

I just re-read the post from "Joy and Jaimee" and had a good laugh. I don't remember writing that.

-- Anonymous, June 14, 2000

The Costco I go to in Illinois is terribly lame. It doesn't carry those chicken chimichangas OR the Hansen's sodas I became so terribly fond of in Bellingham. Damn dirty Oak Brook Costco! I shake my fist at you!

-- Anonymous, June 23, 2001

They just opened a costco in avon , ohio, went there got a free years membership. A rep. of costco came to our ford plant in the cafeteria and was giving out free yearly memberships to anyone there who filled out a form for a free yearly membership. Went to Costco and everything was overpriced , no deals there, No wonder they were giving away free memberships for a year. Prefer Sams Club & BJ`S Wholsale club alot cheaper prices at those two compared to Costco. ACTUALLY YOU SHOULDNT NEED TO BUY A MEMBERSHIP FOR KNOWN OF THEM, THERE REALLY ISNT MUCH OF A SAVINGS FROM THEM AND OTHER STORES. THIS IS MY PERSONAL OPINION.

-- Anonymous, December 27, 2002

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