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I was gung ho to get vet antibiotics, but after talking to several doctors this past week on the subject, I have decided to try for prescriptions for the real thing or to use natural cures. The main common theme was that these animal antibiotics ARE the same drugs as people take BUT with a decidedly different level of purity. Many of them contain several impurities that animals can tolerate but could make humans sick or die. The drugs used for humans are in a much purer form. Besides, let's hear from SEVERAL people out there that have actually used these fish and animal drugs to actually cure real illnesses, and I don't mean the penicillins from the vet. Who out there has actually used the drugs like the amoxicillin in Fish-Mox or the ceflexins more that once? The story I got was that the purity of these can vary from batch to batch. You could squeek by once and get sick the next time. And as far as people (supposedly doctors) on the net saying the drugs are safe, hey, I'm Clint Eastwood in real life. Rember, on the internet nobody knows you're a dog.

-- Talked to lots-o-docs (, December 05, 1999


Fish meds sound nasty. I just know that when you don't have many options, and someone is dying, vet-pen is better than nothing. You are fortunate to a have a supportive physician willing to supply you; so how bout him calling me in something too?

No, I didn't think so.

-- Hokie (, December 06, 1999.


I agree with your thoughts, exactly! :)

-- Mo (Maureen@home.con), December 06, 1999. is your solution for antibiotics for Y2K! Check it out!

-- smitty (, December 06, 1999.

Ah horsepucky, animal meds like human begin with animal testing, those old AMA allopaths just don't want to lose their lucritave kickback maybe 10% extra a year!the drugs are all made by the same pharmasuitical companies---just ask a Vet, In hard times you take the risk if you want to survive, give me a full spectrum animal antibotic in a pinch any time. animal owners lose a hell of a lot fewer animals by vet treatment than the AMA lose their patients,MEDICINE=MONEY=BEEMERS+LARGE BANK ACCOUNTS.

-- Doc Feelgood (, December 06, 1999.

I must relate a personal experience using antibiotics prescribed for my dog (who it turns out, was misdiagnosed and really had luekemia) a few years ago. I had a nasty sinus infection, and decided to take "what I had" which was his presciption for tetracyline (500mg) and I got so sick, I rolfed all night. Never again. I wouldn't even attempt it. I now have a good 4 month supply to carry us into the new year. Don't even try it, would be my advice. You could end up even worse off...

-- Big D (, December 06, 1999.

The strongest natural antibiotic, according to Julian Whitaker, M.D. is Bioprotein A. (sublingual. powder). I took 1-4 packets at first sign of cold and it usually knocks it out. ( Actually it strengthens youe immune system). A weaker one, but still good is Echinacea. Another great immune booster is Immunical from Canada. Expensive though. Helps with Aids, cancer, hepatitis... I know these stuff, but please check with your doctor. No cures sre suggested.

-- Mike (, December 06, 1999.

I KNOW FOR A FACT there are competent veterinarians that are regulars to this forum ... who are also USERS! Spill the beans, guys. What's the answer .. and can you chase me up a gallon or two of DMSO and whatever else I'm gonna need ???!!


-- SH (, December 06, 1999.

One last time......

Animal antibiotics (injectables esp.) may contain the same human antibiotic and it may be pure as the wind driven snow, but the VEHICLES or CARRIERS they use to suspend the stuff, to syringe it under cattle hide and into cattle butt are very very different.

Fish antibiotics? Theres a little bit of a doseage problem there can't you see? One pill in a 5 gallon tank treats a 25 gram goldfish. You weigh 200 lbs. Anyone bother to check how many you'd have to take?

Then there's the little problem of adverse reactions in humans to some animal drugs---for instance: micotil--totally irreversable and completely fatal myocaridal necrosis chloramphenicol--small incidence of fatal aplastic anemia (do ya feel lucky) Bute--bone marrow suppression, sometimes after just a short treatment.

Don't let anyone treat you like a dog.........

-- JIT (, December 06, 1999.

Your wrote: "Many of them contain several impurities that animals can tolerate but could make humans sick or die."

I would like to question just *what* these impurities are that you contend are in "vet meds"? Please elaborate.

-- Birdlady (, December 06, 1999.

does your e key stick SH?

a little DMSO might limber it up....

-- JIT (, December 06, 1999.

........ yes, please elaborate, and BE SPECIFIC.

-- alan (, December 06, 1999.

I purchased animal antibiotics early this year for storage.I have sence used the fish pen myself several times with no problems what so ever.My friend is a doctor and says no diff.I am satisfied I will have no problems.

-- 7 (, December 06, 1999.

Big D:

Was the Tetracycline expired? Tetracycline becomes toxic when it decomposes and can damage your kidneys.

-- DB Cooper (dbcooper@somewhere.else), December 06, 1999.

If the lasat 3 letters are "U.S.P" then they are exactly the same. "U.S.P" stands for United States Pharmacopaea. WHere the formulation, INCLUDING carrier, dilutent, etc is specified.


-- Chuck, a night driver (, December 06, 1999.

From what I've read, fish antibiotics are safe. They are however, a smaller dose than a person would take (250mg.) It is the animal pills that have the nasty STUFF in them. Above post about tetracycline is true, it is the only common drug that is unsafe when old that I've read about. The others just loose potency.

-- FLAME AWAY (, December 06, 1999.

DMSO can usually be found at any good farm supply store. Usually in the horse section. Comes in liquid, jell or roll on. Taz

-- Taz (, December 06, 1999.

Why is our pet, any different than our human body? I say, if the drug is safe enough for our "Sacred Pet", isn't Big Bizness built upon "Babies, Pets and Old Folks?" Then, take it! They "BIg Business, would not kill your "Foo-Foo" pet, with their product, else, you may not visit them again. They lie, and they know it!

-- Sick Up and Fed (, December 06, 1999.

Ok I have taken fish pennicilion for a nasty tooth infection. Cleared it right up. Came in 250 mg tablets and took 2 every 6 hours. I would not suggest taking large animal anitbiotics but the fish stuff is great. My new husband has been taking them for years.

-- Stacia (, December 07, 1999.

aloha just received an email from my friend's dad who is a vet. his quote " vet antibiotics will not harm anyone. what horseshit " fishicillin rules.

-- muley (, December 07, 1999.

In response to JIT's comment RE: a 25 gram goldfish; this is the thing. A 250 mg tablet of penicillin treats a 10 gal aquarium, which weighs approximately 83 pounds. So if you weigh 160 pounds, the dose would be 500 mg. of penicillin. Funny, that works out to just about what my doctor prescribed for me the last time. I used to manage a pet shop that specialized in aquarium fish and accessories, plus their medical needs. We went 'round and 'round with the health dept. trying to abolish our ability to sell these types of antibiotics; because it was becoming known at that time (about 5-8 years ago) that people were using the meds. on themselves. I find it interesting that their (health dept.) main reason for wanting to outlaw the sales was not fear that the drugs weren't safe for humans; but their main argument was that most people are unlearned in the proper dosages they should use and might harm themselves due to simple ignorance.

-- Lori G (, December 09, 1999.

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