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I need help. Using lines, phrases, words, or images from the poem (raven), i need to analyze any 5 of the following ten emotions experienced by the narrator...please help....thanx a bunch.

1. anticipation 6. consideration 2. frustration 7. anger 3. self-pity 8. fear 4. confusion 9. depression 5. aggression 10. desperation

-- Anonymous, December 05, 1999


He is angry or frustrated because he does not know who is nkoking on the door. He feels it is a prank or somthing I htink. He also is mad because the Raven is bothering him. Or that anything is interupting his relaxation.

-- Anonymous, December 13, 1999

i don't know if this gonna help, i don't fully understand the complexities of the poem so my answer might sound dumb. first of all you need to find the connection between poe's "Lenore" and "Raven". he is angry because at first he thinks it is a prank. he is scared because, well wouldn't u be think about the symbolic meaning of a raven - similar to crow, lost souls and all that. birds of satin etc. he is all alone in this big room (chamber implies large residence) poe was probably writting for upper class people thats how you know he is in a big house. he is frustarted because he wants answers "why is this raven hear" "what does he mean by nether more" depressed because he has lost lenore. desperation at the end because this raven won't go away he doesn't know what do. aggression because he wants that raven out of his life. and that is about as much as i know which is probably not a lot, sorry if this wasn't of any use i have only just read this poem. tip this might sound stupid but you might want to consider watching the simpsons halloween special were thay do this poem. it does help with the understanding of it - i am not being patronising.

-- Anonymous, September 25, 2003

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