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hi, i am going to start developing Ilfochrome. Is a color analyzer worth to buy? i need a advise about color analyzer which can do color and b/w. which one is the most popular and most pro use? why?


-- JEFF LIAO (, December 05, 1999


You may wish to start out without the analyzer. All it really does is save on the number of test prints. You can always get one if you start doing lots of Ilfochrome.

-- Jonthan Borden (, December 05, 1999.

I would also suggest you start without one. Color analyzers are primarly designed for negatives. Get yourself a good exposure chart, made of a transparent sheet with steps of gray. (I do not remember if I got mine from Jobo or Kodak). Exposing it on top of a strip of Ilfochrome will indicate the best exposure time. Then expose a second or third strip without it to check the values indicated by the first strip. You will seldom have to change your color settings ones you have found the correct setting for your box (or roll) of paper. Warming a little bit your colors is often all it takes with slides. If you don't use a processor but developp in drums, you could be confronted to a shift from the initial strip to the larger print made with the same settings. This is because Ilfochrome reacts to numerous factors such as the quantity of chemical used in the drum, the duration of washing and the time it takes to dry. This is why a processor is recommended, if you can find one. Actually some are on the used market, for many photographers turn to digital services.

-- Paul Schilliger (, December 06, 1999.

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