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Subject: Response to Writing last & final (possibly!) letters to DGI family members...

Say Question? About those shelters if over 70% of the people did not prepare just tell me where and how shelters are going to be available for that many.

Question? If no water how many portapoties is that?

Lets see there are how many in this country. Forgive me if I am off by a few million but lets say a conservative 50 million now lets see that 70% is 35 million people. Ok guys do we have one portapotie for every 20 to 30 people? That boils down to about 12 million portapoties.

If every school, church etc was to turn into a shelter we still couldn't house that many. And even if we could by any miracle what about the spread of disease such as TB which is on the rise not to mention flu, viruses etc. The smell alone would take you away without the water to wash or the facilities.

Get real here you are either ready or be among the brave to even consider communal living on this level.

What I think will happen with shelters is triage. Those with the most risk those who are on oxygen, those with special medical needs infants and small children etc.

That is all we could handle in reality.

Sobering thought


-- Susan Barrett (, December 05, 1999


Lets see there are how many in this country. Forgive me if I am off by a few million but lets say a conservative 50 million now lets see that 70% is 35 million people.

You are, indeed, off by a few million. There are approximately 260 million Americans. 70% is 182 million.

Portapotties schmortapotties. If the toilets don't flush, its going to be like New Delhi real quick.

Got drainage ditches?

-- semper paratus (, December 05, 1999.

as I previously posted my local emerc.shelter has no heat. I tried unsuccessfully to gather support for the shelter. So IF you are counting on a gov/local shelter for assistance;better check out your locally assigned emerc.shelter. I live in the northeast. heat is essiential. oh well! I suggest you prepare!

-- uncle charlie (, December 05, 1999.

Our county's population is somewhere just over 90,000 and we have sheltering ability for 1400! What's that??? - 1.5%????

-- Sheri (, December 05, 1999.

Portapotties require portatrucks to take the portapoop to the portasewagetreatmentcenter. See any possible problems with this senerio. Other than maybe my pselling that si?

-- Michael (, December 05, 1999.

There won't be any shelters. What's the difference if your cold and hungry with no toilet facilities or power in a shelter or in your home? You may have to venture out to get into a soup line or get your daily ration of rice if you haven't prepared. Those with special medical needs probably won't make it if they don't have medication or backup power. Small children and infants are at the mercy of their parents care. The biggest problem will be water, people don't seem to comprehend how much water they use everyday, but they'll comprehend it real quick when they don't have any. This is not to say that the prepared community won't have shelters, they probably will. However, how do they plan to stop people from neighboring communities from coming over and partaking of the supplies? Once word spreads via CB radio and word of mouth, there's no stopping the stampeding herd. You can envision what it will be like, very sobering indeed.

-- bardou (, December 05, 1999.

You want sobering. Local pop. is 15,000. Local shelter can successfully house 125!!! Local schools (2), 500 and 350 respectively. Local churches (12 very tiny country churches), total housing 500. You better be prepared or be prepared to do without around here.

-- Ben Dova (, December 05, 1999.

Oh mikeymac! I'm laughing my ass off here! Thanks, and yes, the scenerio has problems.

-- semper paratus (, December 05, 1999.

Yeah, but the government says everything's going to be alright, so what are we worried about anyway?

-- Ohio Bob (, December 05, 1999.

You didn't prepare???? So stand in the terlitt line, asshole.

-- SlickWillie (, December 06, 1999.

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