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pleaaaaase !!! Can you help me ??? I have a problem wich makes me crazy!

here is it:

I have a pinnacle DC10+ card. I capture a VHS movie, do some editing, and save the final avi file with STUDIO DC 10+ (like all DC10+ users I think!) .

I want to to encode the avi to mpeg to burn a VCD.

I try with Panasonic MPEG encoder 2.21, first it's okay, but after 2 hours of processing, this error message appears:



same thing (at the same frame)


Where does the problem come from ??? I tried with different versions of STUDIO DC10+, with different codecs.... it doesn't happen with ALL avi files I do with STUDIO DC10+ ,only some.


-- Eric HILAIRE (eric.hilaire@magic.fr), December 05, 1999


Let me guess, the AVI file is larger than 2GB, and the encoders fail at around the point of 2GB length? I got the same problem. What I did to go around it is by saving the AVI to Indeo 5.11 codec, using quick compression, at key frame = 1 depends on the result, sometimes I must reduce the quality to 90% to get the file size below 2GB. But sometimes for say 45min video, at 100% the file is still below 2GB. I use the software called VirtualDub (it is a freeware) to capture and transcode.

-- Rusman Priyana (priyana@eudoramail.com), December 06, 1999.

Panasonic and Ligos do not permit encoding input files, however they are coded (Indeo, MJPEG, etc) that are larger than 2Gb. I also had this problem, and did notice encoding stopped at some point. This point is the 2Gb point. Depending on the codec/compression, resolution, and audio of the input file the 2Gb mark doesn't always fall on a certain frame number x. That's why as good as VirtualDub is (fantastic, I should say, for allowing me once to capture straight 3.5Gb) the resulting file should still be split to parts of below 2Gb each for Panasonic to accept. This is how the stand-alone version of Panasonic works; the 2Gb thing is merely a reflection of, like so many other applications in Windows, a limit to how big single files are allowed to be, etc. If Panasonic didn't have to feed the input files itself and these files could be streamed into it from wherever then that would permit encoding of files potentially larger than 2Gb. That's why there is a Panasonic plug-in version. This plug-in was meant to be used for Adobe Premiere so that final rendering is directed to Panasonic for encoding to final output rendered file .mpg, but with a few tweaks I see on some websites it can be used to accept a continuous input stream and output our needed .mpg. These websites are DVD-ripping sites, where, basically, a DVD player app takes the huge MPEG-2 *.vob files from a DVD, converts them to .avi but instead of displaying them (as what that player app was for) streams them to the Panasonic plug-in for encoding to VCD- compliant .mpg

-- EMartinez (epmartinez@hotmail.com), December 07, 1999.

Hi, Thanks for the answers!

(I remember that I had this encoding problem with AVI files less big than 2Gb?!!)

-- Eric HILAIRE (eric.hilaire@magic.fr), December 08, 1999.

use TMPG encoder, download it from http://www.anivstudio.f2s.com/rt2000


-- faiz (info@faiz.myweb.nl), January 06, 2001.

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