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A family member was told that UN troops and tanks (with markings) are massing near Clear Lake CA. The report comes from hunters that said they stumbled upon them accidentally and were escorted away.

Specifically, Walker Ridge Rd., Indian Valley Resovoir, Lake County CA.

This is not a military base so UN troops would have no excuse to be there except for civilian enforcment reasons, should they be needed.

Can anybody confirm this. The area is open air space so a fly over should be possible. I'm curious, but if pictures were obtained, I'm sure Gary North among others would be very interested.

-- Flook (, December 05, 1999


I know that area and you could hide all kinds of troops up in there with plenty of water. There has always been a fairly decent road going back in there. But its a favorite area for the hunters and seems like it would hit the town real quick that something was going on up there. Its really about the ONLY place in the area where troops could hide. But I can think of a lot better places to hide troops that would be a lot closer to SF and the East Bay area where they are apt to riot. During hunting season in the west you can bet that every square foot of land is going to be trod upon by the hunters. Even those areas where one has to pack in with the pack mules. And there are tons of people who know the area well. Chubby Hubby could be dropped out of a plane blindfolded at night into the Cascade mountains and come first light he would figure out where he was and how to get home. And he is not an exception among our friends. Taz

-- Taz (, December 05, 1999.

I find it difficult to believe that UN troops would be deployed in the US. It displays a rather US-centric world view. Rationally, disruptions here are going to be a lot less severe in impact here, than in the majority of other nations. If troops are going to be deployed it will be overseas and not here.

-- anon (anon@anon.calm), December 05, 1999.

2 weeks ago i was driving down I5 ,I saw a Tank on a truck ,The military truck had broken down.The tank was painted in desert storm cammo .I was near Corning at the time I believe .It was heading North.I also saw a broken down White unmarked bus near Anderson Ca.Do not know if this has anything to do with it .But thought I would mention it.I was traveling vary early in the morning,and suprised the tank was there and uncovered.

-- me (, December 05, 1999.

It's interesting to me that "UN troops" are always referred to as definitive fighting force. Who are UN troops? Is there a place called UN that sends troops everywhere? Of course not. UN troops would have to be composed to other nations' troops. Why other nations would covertly want to send their troops to the US when they may be needed at home (UK, France, Germany, etc) is beyond me.

-- impala (, December 05, 1999.

Good morning all.

For what it's worth, there have been rumours for several years of camps set up in the deep woods area of Lake, Mendocino and Lassen Counties.

Six years ago a friend stopped by to see my wife. He is an ex-sheriff's LT and a PI, a very steady, no nonsense type guy. When he walked in he was pale and shaken. His daughter had been turned away from an area near Redding by non-english speaking troops in unmarked uniforms. Mac is not the kind of person to buy into rumours. For what it's worth...

Five years ago my wife and I were hired by a local land owner who claimed he had seen a group of asians in camouflage, with military style weapons poaching on his land. In the course of our investigation we found stories like his all over Northern California, including around Indian Dick Resevoir; the area the UN troopies are supposed to be. We never saw anyone and assumed the poachers were from San Francisco, providing meat for the asian restaurants. For what it's worth...

We have friends who live in a gated community near Lake Pillsbury, in Lake County. Much of the surrounding wilderness is BLM land, especially around Hull Mountain. BLM erected a chain link fence, with barbed wire on top, around the community, ostensably to keep the residents of the communty from trespassing on government land. I've seen the fence and the barbed wire on top does not angle in, as it would if designed to keep folks out of the wilderness area. Instead it angle out. There have been rumours of an internment camp in the Hull mountain area, rumours that are unrelated to the gated community. For what it's worth...


Airborne all the way, Rangers lead the way.

-- michael frazier (, December 05, 1999.

My first major 30 years ago was forestry. Worked in Montana, Mt. Saint Helens, east Texas. At that time guns WERE not in the Forest Service inventory. Forestry had nothing to do with law enforcement. For a while in Montana we were cruising timber in a very bear infested area. Our crew chief who previously had been treeded by a momma bear asked permission to carry his own 357 durning the time we worked this particular area.

My understanding is that now Forest Service employees, at least those in a full time professional status are issued 45's and riot shotguns. Go figure.

Also durning Reagan's first term a reporter for one of the larger eastern papers uncovered thru FOIA ducuments granting access in this country to UN advance teams. The fairly young reporter died about two weeks after his article was published of a heart attack.

Not trying to fan any flames here, just reporting a couple of things from my limited knowledge base.

-- Ed (, December 05, 1999.

It never ceases to amaze me, this constant American talk of UN troops on your land. Try and find the psychological reason for this paranoia, because that is what it appears to be. You have no idea how nonsensical these rants appear to non Americans. As if Canadian, British, Italian, French, etc. troops would be put on American soil!It is laughable. Has anyone writing this stuff ever been off American soil? CHildish, paranoid thinking. I suppose they were UN troops dressed up as Seattle police gassing peaceful American protestors in Seattle last week. Alright, everyone, now collectively, give your heads a shake!

Gary Elliott

-- gary elliott (, December 05, 1999.

There's a little reservoir between Grass Valley and Marysville, CA (off Hwy 20). On this little resevoir, are house boats and the usual recreational-type boats. However, the US Airforce from Beale AFB also has boats that patrol the lake several times a day. One day when traveling through the little canyon to get to the lake, I happened to look up the side of the canyon and saw an Army tank sitting on the ledge. The road does not stop at the reservoir but continues on up through the canyon to no where's land (you need 4 wheel drive). The name of the resevoir is Lake Englebright. Maybe they were on practice manuevers, but we couldn't figure out why the Air Force patrols the lake.

-- just curious (justcurious@justcuriouss.xcom), December 05, 1999.

I usually lurk on this site and seldom post. It is a both entertaining and informative place to surf. So, FWIW, I will toss my opinion in the fray. I used to think UN troops, concentration camps, FBI & ATF alleged barbarism at Waco and related topics were tin foil material. The equivalent of ghost stories around camp fires. Now I believe otherwise-here's why. Jim Ammerman, a retired high ranking chaplain, is one of many military officers who are very outspoken that these foreign troups are on our soil. They are in plain site on our bases in many cases. I've seen videos of them as well as detention sites. Theses videos came from the Prophecy Club which will make many people laugh. We were real sceptical, but decided to call the phone#s these guys gave and follow it through as best we could.What we learned scared us untill we decided to walk in faith instead of fear. Also, I just watched "Waco, the Rules of Engagement". It is an award winning video available at local video stores. Every American should watch it, but they will loose their innocence in the process,IMHO. This was not made by a religous organization. Lastly,I have a close friend who is the disaster co-ordinator for a small city. What she has shared with me in confidence is icing on the cake. The truth really is out there if you can follow the leads. By the way does anyone know if they ever found General Ben Partin? Flame away,Y'all

-- morgan (, December 05, 1999.

Alright Morgan, I remember Gen Partin from the OKC bombing controversy.; what's happened to him? dissappered you say??? There's always been allied troops training at US bases, so what? Remember those Egyptian officers killed on flight 990? returning home after training in the US?

-- Ralph Kraden (, December 05, 1999.

The advantage of having soldiers from other countries patrol your country and having your soldiers to patrol theirs is that they will be a lot less concerned about using violence against people they have no ties with as opposed to people they do have ties with ( culture, citizenship, language ).

I use to think well of the FBI and the military, now it seems we have crimminal elements in both. I really couldn't put it past this administration to bring in foreign troops if need be.

-- Stanley Lucas (, December 05, 1999.

Yeah, what's the story on Gen. Partin? He said the OKC bombing had to include charges set inside the building and begged the gov to investigate it fully. Instead they bulldozed the site.

He probably imagined it, but it sure makes me more curiouser.

-- curiouser (wannano@duh.nut), December 05, 1999.

I am asking if anyone knew if General Partin is alive. He and his wife did disappear and no one could find them last I heard. I just wanted to know if anyone had an update.I live on the back side of the moon and don't always get the best info. He was an explosives expert for the Air Force I believe, and developed at least one of the smart bombs for Desert Storm. Yes, he was pushing for a better investigation of OKC as things didn't add up. Shortly thereafter he disappeared. Nothing would make me and many others I'm sure happier than to find out he is fine. I would love a good reporter to go through channels they have with the military etc. and find him.

-- morgan (, December 06, 1999.

One thing to keep in mind about any troops amassing for y2k disruptions. Why would it be necessary to keep them hidden from view? If they are here to keep the peace, wouldn't it be better to have them out in plain sight as public deterrants against bad behavior?

American troops currently performing urban training exercises all over the country are doing it in plain one is panicking over that.

Non american troops amassing is another red flag. These men will have enough to do in their own countries and to be travelling here to keep the y2k american peace is too much of a stretch...don'tcha think? In other words, one can assume that if there are foreign troops amassing, they aren't here for an exercise in panic stabilization. Simply doesn't make sense otherwise.

Just something to ponder.

-- OR (, December 06, 1999.

Gary Elliot, paranoia or not, it is a totally acceptable idea having UN troops on american soil (or any other sovereign nation) if you are attempting to subvert sovereignty and build a one world government. So is a world court able to prosecute american citizens which was discussed today in a Washington Times article. Go to worldnetdaily for link.

You need to do a little reading and realize the agendas spearheading this type of thing have been full steam ahead for some time.

A random sampling of articles from the magazine Foreign Affairs, put out by our own Council on Foreign Affairs or CFR is a good place to start.

-- C Deitchman (, December 06, 1999.

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