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Dorchester County tax bills finally are arriving in
residents' homes, but not without some errors.

Bills include the amount of taxes from the previous
year. On some bills, that figure may be from two or
three years ago.

- - -

More than two years ago, the county hired SCT Corp.,
an international company, to upgrade county computers
and make them Y2K compliant.

Connelley said she and other elected officials and
department heads have documents showing the company
has not followed through on its contract.

Dorchester News

-- spider (, December 04, 1999



Tax bills have arrived with errors every year since tax bills have arrived.

-- Chicken Little (, December 05, 1999.

Just another example of a software project gone bad.

Unfortunately mine arrived this week and inspite of the outrageous sum at the bottom appears to be correct.

-- (Taxed)LM (, December 05, 1999.

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