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I've tried both VideoPack 4.0 & WinOnCD 3.7 [With new VCD stuff built in]. Neither of them can burn the VCD clips I've downloaded (Invlaid packet/mux rate errors). If I burn them /w nero and ignore the error IT produces, the videos play fine on my VCD player. How can I get these MPEGs I have onto a VCD /w menus and whatnot? I really want to have them 2.0 complaint so that its easier to chose what you want but the two programs that can do that give me errors on these mpegs. What should I use/do?


-- Fun One (, December 04, 1999


Try Using MPEG Encoding Softwares like XingEncoder from LSX Encoder from they may Solve ur problem

-- Rajeev (, December 07, 1999.

Boy I know where your coming from!

It was not until I used Nero that I was aware that I was not actually achieving a compliant file. Non compliant files could originate out of my LSX 2.51/3.0 or Panasonic encoders or from a timeline render to mpeg-1. Not one of those programs told me that it was non compliant. I was also amazed that Adaptec and Winoncd never ever gave an indication that the mpeg-1 was not totally compliant either, only Nero did that.

I still experience my sound coming out as "2 channel" rather than "stereo" and that makes the file non compliant but still playable on a dvd player, yet at other times total compliance is achieved. What ever Nero does after the error, fixed a lot of my problems. Nero stopped my freeze ups partway into a track and the inability to play more than two tracks disappeared - did not need a menue for just two tracks did I, but now I do!

If Nero chucks your file out as non compliant I would be very interested to know what it says is wrong with it. I believe only truly compliant files will end up as being capable of menue making. Unfortunately neither Nero or Winoncd 3.5 support menues so adaptec or another burner program is required to achieve that.

I have just come back from a holiday in Hawaii during which I took the opportunity to updated my 233mmx computer (again). You guys with direct access to the USA market are lucky! I have a new sound card and video card and I will be very interested to see what Nero says about my files generated with the Montego II replacement instead of the original S3 sonic vibes card.

I sure am fed up with that "2 Channel sound" destroying my vcd compliance. At least I know what the problem is, I need a solution which despite previously posting questions here and elsewhere no one believes the problem even exists. Silence is bliss, yet Nero programmers are obviously aware that there is a problem or they would not have programmed the error message in - Bravo Nero!

-- Ross McL (, December 07, 1999.

Further to the above, its obviously not the sound card because using a avi generated from the same dv source material using the Montego II the Panasonic encoder generated a "2 channel" non compliant file and LSC v3 generated a compliant file (stereo). Nero rejected the the Panasonic file but turned the whole test vcd into a non compliant disk that plays OK on my Philips 725 DVD.

Video Pack 4 (see another post today for freebee details) did not indicate a problem and burnt the vcd OK but I have not figured out how to use the menu bit yet.

Confusing to say the least!

-- Ross McL (, December 13, 1999.

I was having trouble with my video cd's freezing up on my Philips DVD825. I used Broadway pro 4.0 to encode and Adaptec to create the VCD. I tried downloading Nero at work and simulated creating a Video CD using some MPG files I had created at home with the Broadway and the files were compliant. hen I actually got home and tried to burn a cd the same files were said to be non-compliant because they were streaming MPG files. How could a copy of the same file be compliant on one computer but not on the other?

-- Al McCraw (, January 25, 2000.

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