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I am asking this because of concern for a friend.She and her family are going to stay in their apartment in California,so her husband can continue to work.They have their house in Vegas and it is prepared for y2k..She said if things got rough in California and her husband couldn't work,they would go to Vegas.

She thinks even if Martial Law is declared,all they would have to do is show proof that they have a home in Vegas and would be allowed to go there.They would have the gas to make the drive.

Will they be able to do this if there are travel restictions with Martial Law? Should I stop being so concerned? I would really like you oppinion on this matter.

-- Maggie (song, December 04, 1999



Just a rumor. Y2K news radio had a caller a few months back who "sounded sincere", IMHO. Said his brother works for a biggie oil co. in TX, and flashed this card at him. He said "what's that?" His bro who travels to the mid atlantic region often cause he is responsible for that region's distribution, explained all the big wigs at his co. were getting them so they could get interstate access if martial law is declared.

Your friend might need the right papers to travel. Interstates are federal property.

-- Hokie (, December 04, 1999.

My friends husband works for the movie industry,not for any company that would have special cards to travel.I'm not sure what the "right papers" would be.

-- Maggie (song, December 04, 1999.

I doubt there is any coherent plan. If travel restrictions were imposed, it would be to stop a flood of urban citizens descending on the rural areas with no destination really in mind. That's a good thing, in my opinion.

There is no way that the authorities should prevent someone from returning home. I have two houses. My Drivers License has one location, my wife's has the other. It's legal, it's proper and it's the best way to show authorities that you are not of place.

Side effect bummer: If your Drivers License and voting registration are in different counties in Texas, you can be called for jury duty both places. I know.

-- Dog Gone (, December 04, 1999.

Sweet Lady, there are two things to keep in mind:

1) There is a high possibility that gasoline is going to be rationed. I'll leave the soothsaying as to when this will happen, but skate on over to and catch up on all the chat about how NONE of the countries where we get our oil from are compliant, and the entire oil industry is FOF (fix on failure).

2) California and LV are the DEAD ZONE. Too many people trying to do too many things. Get out now while there is still time. Move to southern Iowa and learn to farm.

-- (, December 04, 1999.

From SoCal to Vegas; from the frying pan into the fire!!!

-- Ralph Kramden (, December 04, 1999.

Dog Gone,

I will check with her,to see if she has a Vegas drivers licence.Thanks for the advice.

Mr. Time,

They have contingency plans when gasoline rationing occurs.I am well aware of the problems associated with the oil industry,by reading R.C.,DD1 light and other post on this board.If there is a 70% reduction in oil,we will all be hurting.The possibility of problems starting in January will surprise many.

I live in a rural area in Missouri and have told her that they are welcome to stay with me.Their plans are to stay in California for her husband to work and then stay in Vegas.That is what they have decided to do.


I agree.

-- Maggie (song, December 04, 1999.

"There is no way that the authorities should prevent someone from returning home."

The operating word here is SHOULD, as opposed to could. Please note that martial laws means that all bets are off and the rule of law ceases to exist. Also please note that the chances of martial law being declared are zero. It will merely be a national emergency. The difference between martial law and national emergency are none. Think of Germany during WW2 and that's the type of law you will have.

-- Ken Seger (, December 04, 1999.


Please tell me why you are equating Germany WW11 and a national emergency here.Why do you think it will be that bad?I had never thought the reigns would be tightened to that extent.I would very much like to hear your view on this,waiting for your reply.

-- Maggie (song, December 04, 1999.

Ken, One MINOR detail. If the military gets to enforce the law, the law will look a LOT like the UCMJ. Chuck

OR like whatever Executive Decrees the FIC has in mind. But they WOULD be decreed or posted.

-- Chuck, a night driver (, December 04, 1999.

If TSHTF could there be panic by the government? If it is worse then they expect they will feel they have to be perceived as doing something. Add to that any hidden agendas for staying permenently in office etc, etc

-- Mr. Pinochle (, December 04, 1999.

Maggie; If relocating back to Las Vegas to from California it should be a wise notion to check if "Hoover Dam is ready " ? Let's say it isn't... Then vegas will not only have no power but no accessable water,unless they just open the flood gates,but then there should be power. But will it be regulated to each home correctly ??? I feel your friend is you and your question is about your family,and what you should do just in case... Plan then have other plans. Good luck...

-- Furie (, December 05, 1999.

got me thinking...Hmm....I'm in Iowa...just outside the Des Moines city limits...My girl has a house in some mountains in Arizona...thing is..we have a couple of firearms to finish paying off and not sure we can make the bugout BEFORE the balloon goes up. Would we be better just staying place or bugging out early and forgetting one of the guns? At least, where we are going is gun country and I figure if anyone wants to move us they be in a crossfire between us and the my own but no one knows I'm a doomer but her and I...

-- Satanta (, December 05, 1999.


I thank you for your concern for me,but I use to live in California and now live in Missouri.My friend use to be my neighbor before we both moved.She has prepared for y2k at their house in Vegas.As of a week ago,they were going to plan to be at their house for New Years eve and see what happened in regards to problems associated with y2k.If they were bad,I thought they would ride it out there.Now I hear they will stay in California and not go to Vegas for New Years eve.They plan to go to Vegas only if her husband can't work where they are.It just threw me when I head the change in plans and was concerned if they could even go to Vegas if they wanted to if there was travel restrictions.Sorry for the long story.

The dam of course could cause problems.They may be better off in California,where they have alot of friends.They probably are thinking alot better then I am.

-- Maggie (song, December 05, 1999.

I've read numerous posts regarding the potential for martial law... I live in Central Texas 100 miles from any metropolitan area. Every year dear hunters from Houston, Dallas, etc. "camp out" in hunting cabins every weekend until the close of deer season in January. The rual population doubles during the season. On the opening day of deer season the grocery shelves are cleaned out. Here's what I'm getting at: The locals aren't likely to invite any more outsiders across the county line. Some say they'll be checking drivers licenses themselves to see if they live there or are related to anyone. Beyond that I'm not sure they'd let the national guard through either. They're not concernet about Y2K, just uninvited guests during a crisis.

-- Fred Remington (, December 05, 1999.


I hear that IF martial law were to be declared in TX then the locals are organized to go out to specific points on the highways with chainsaws and down some trees so the troops can't get in, heh. Better wait till those tourists leave I suppose (tongue in cheek)

-- Hokie (, December 05, 1999.

If things got really bad, I wouldn't think Martial Law would come to much of anything. Biggest reason? Refusal to serve and desertions by those who feel their own families are at risk elsewhere. I recall more than one post by cops and/or military types (this was way back, so I'm not too clear on how many of these I read; one or more may even have been on GN's forums.) that testified to this. And these posts were very credible. Even If the posts were really by others, making things up, it wouldn't make much difference, because it's not hard to envision.

Also, in a bad situation, just use your imagination and you will come up with many reasons whay it would be practically impossible to carry out anything of a significant nature: E.g., communications down, supply lines cut, embedded chips in equipment, etc. etc. etc.

-- eve (, December 05, 1999.

got me thinking...Hmm....I'm in Iowa...just outside the Des Moines city limits...My girl has a house in some mountains in Arizona...

I'd strongly consider staying in Iowa. Have you lived through any of the "big storms" in that area? I don't know about Des Moines, but south to Osceola, etc., neighbors are good about helping each other, and there is a strong work ethic. I'd prefer to be there for "post- crisis" -- there will be food and opportunities to make a living. Face it -- many parts of AZ (not all!) are full of dead-head New Agers who can't face life without chemicals or consulting a Tarot reader. Do you really want to face a Depression with those zombies in your way?

-- (, December 05, 1999.

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