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For my grading contract in the school year 1999-2000, UMD Cohort Masters Program, I am contracting for an "A" on both semesters. The major projects that I am proposing for my grading contract projects for the first semester are attendance and reporting on two conferences, the Education Minnesota Conference held in October, and the Minnesota Rural Educators Conference, held in November. Also, I am a member of TAT(Teacher Assitance Team), a year long committee that conferences on students whose names are submitted due to problems in learning,work and behavior. I am a member of the SITE team, a committee of representative teachers, administration and support staff that meets weekly with the administration of the high school to aid in workings of the high school, relay data to our departments, monitor staff development, schedule and evaluate programs, evaluate class offerings and the curriculum handbook, work to improve student achievement and develop the repoire of our school to the public. I will report on these committees at the end of the year. > For the second semester, I will be attending and reporting on the Minnesota Music Educators Conference which is held in February. I also will work on presenting a multiage benefit choral concert for the purpose of raising monies for the local food shelf with an adult women's choir that I direct, plus other community music groups. In the spring, I will be organizing the "Celebration of Success" with the secondary art and music students. This will be a day of concerts, recitals, art shows and displays of student work in the art areas. I will report on these events at the end of the year. For the Daily Journal, our local newspaper, I will be writing an article under the Cohort's column, probably in January or February.

-- Anonymous, December 04, 1999


Hi Donna, Your contract is simiolar to last year's one and that seemed to work well for you in your current position. COnferences always hold a wealth of information and give us the shot in the arm to carry on with even greater commitment. The newspaper column is a good way to advocate for the arts and perhaps you could even seek some elders to interview in through this means? Let me know where you are at with your research. Happy Holidays! Mary Ann

-- Anonymous, December 16, 1999

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