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Just saw this in Saturday's Mercury News (a small box highlighted on the front page of the business section). If you live in the nine county bay area, please read this. Here is the news box information:

"The year 2000 problem has the potential to cause problems with your home appliances, your car, your personal computer and the business and government services you rely on for your daily life. For a Y2K survival guide on what can go wrong and how you can prepare, see the Sunday Business section."

Given that the Mercury News is a Knight Ridder paper, I will be curious to see if this is in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Long Beach, CA paper and others in the chain.

Seems to me that Saturday might be a good day to make that shopping trip...

-- Nancy (, December 04, 1999


There may be a few minor disruptions, but don't worry your little 'ol head about it. LEAVE YOUR MONEY IN THE BANK!

Prepare for a 3 day storm. LEAVE YOUR MONEY IN THE BANK!

Store a little food and water. LEAVE YOUR MONEY IN THE BANK!

Get a flashlight and a heavy blankey. LEAVE YOUR MONEY IN THE BANK!


Now back to sleep..........

-- Screamin' Demon (, December 04, 1999.

Y2K is systemic, it cannot possibly be fixed. BUY GOLD! There will be food and water shortages. BUY GOLD! The Y2K Movie will spook the herd. BUY GOLD! All evidence points to the fact that Russia will launch a sneak nuclear attack on the U.S. sometime on Thanksgiving Day. BUY GOLD! Nancy, do you mudwrestle? BUY GOLD! There are chemtrails over the White House this morning. BUY GOLD! If you live within 5 miles of a 7-11, you're toast. BUY GOLD! Diane and Chuck, haven't we had enough of this nonsense? GIVE ME A DELETE KEY and BUY GOLD! The pollies sure are quiet today, they must be out 'shopping'. BUY GOLD! Millions will die because of Y2K. BUY GOLD!

-- Butt Nugget (, December 04, 1999.

Buy gold, keep your money in the bank. Buy gold, keep your money in the bank. What the freak is going on around here? Put yer goddam money into **Pokemon** if you want to invest in something with real value.

Real Value, Real Value, what has Real Value? May I suggest **NOT** smoke and mirrors?

-- paul leblanc (, December 04, 1999.

I'll be "curious" too.

One of the S.J. Merc reporters working on the piece called me. We'll see what he says. He wanted to come out and take pictures of my preparations. (No way).

Basically my prep message is be prepared... to go camping... at home. And that I'm using Y2K as an excuse to get ready for the "big one." (Appropriate angle for California preparedness messages).

He wasn't really interested in the newsmedia disconnect between what Koskinen says versus the Senate testimony or GAO reports. His slant appeared to be on preparing. He even went out to the local Mormon preparedness store, and saw my favorite sign...

PG&E (Pacific Gas & Electric Company) says...

When the Hayward Fault snaps, expect to be without power, lights, gasoline, water & natural gas for 2 to 8 weeks... until services can be repaired!

Who knows? If it will be "wacky..." or genuinely useful.


-- Diane J. Squire (, December 04, 1999.

Philadelphia Inquirer had a 10(+-) page insert on y2k and preparedness. It was very much a rah-rah rag for the utilities, gov't, etc. It went out in a Thursday paper in the beginning of October.

If that y2k supplement was my primary and final word on y2k, I would right now be planning a trip to a big city somewhere in Asia for the rollover, switching all of my appliances to electric, and planning a trip to my ATM or bank on December 29th (to avoid the rush) and get $80 out for the upcoming 3 day weekend.

-- Mark (, December 05, 1999.

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