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This is the first winter useage for our fireplace woodburning insert stove. Will use only seasoned hardwoods in it.

Must the chimney be cleaned in a month or two, or do you wait until the spring?

I guess what I'm wondering about is a chimney fire. Can a chimney fire happen after only a couple weeks? Yes, I am paranoid. :)

-- Mo (Maureen@home.con), December 04, 1999



I started a thread on chimney fires a few weeks ago; maybe someone can link it up. Anyway, that thread focused on extinguishing and preventing fires. I'm not too comfortable, though, when it comes to discussing and estimating the cleaning intervals. Some points to keep in mind are to use dry, seasoned hardwood, and to keep the fires hot to minimize creosote buildup. Also, for inspection, get a good mirror with a handle. And please see that thread for other tips.

Good luck,

-- eve (, December 04, 1999.

Go here and look for your is a good site for those who have little experience burning wood ......

-- clover (, December 04, 1999.

beacause of a major creosote problem we have and are getting it taken care of, I'm going to buy a product that you spray on your wood befor you burn it to cut down on creosote. You buy it at any fireplace store.

-- tress (, December 05, 1999.

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