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Does anyone have a reference source for Ross lenses, in particular the telephoto types? Have been searching the web and the 4 to 11 listings are of no particular help. Thank you.

-- Michael Snyder (, December 04, 1999


Mike, Ihave an old reference (Berfore Web). I hope it is what you are loking for. From the 1939 Handbook of Photography, Henny and Dudley, McGraw - Hill, 1939. (A great Reference by the way)

Ross, Ltd. Clapham Common, London S.W.4., England, had two brands of Telephoto lenses The Teleros, and the Telecentric. All (but the f6.3 Teleros) were 2X tele's (the back focus (the distance from rear Glass to Focus Plane, i.e. Bellows draw) is half the focal length. They had about 30 degrees of coverage. The f 6.3 Teleros had only 18 degrees of coverage and was a 3x tele....

Hope this helps...

-- Mike Phifer (, December 10, 1999.

Michael, Getting back to you on "How Good are they?" I do not have first hand knowledge of their performance. However, from the looks of the cut away views, they have the potential to make very fine images. Both are five element lenses. The Teleros design consists of a cemented Double on the front positive, and a cemented Tripple on the rear negative. The Telecentric the Tripple is on the Positive.

Contrast should be good, since only four Glass/Air surfaces are involved..... Mike

-- Mike Phifer (, December 12, 1999.

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