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Went to Wally World for a small gift for a little girl. No intent to prep. Saw a sale on something we really needed, so I loaded my cart. At the check out line, I spotted a cart loaded with large cans and bulk buys. I pulled in behind it, hoping to meet another doomer.

The other shopper was a Benedictine monk from the new monastery outside of town. We got into a discussion about chickens and feed prices and the value of bulk buying feeds etc. He checked out and remained to get directions to our feed store. It was my turn to put my bulk buys on the conveyor belt.

256 sanitary napkins.

-- helen (, December 03, 1999


The guy in front of us at Walmart today was stocking up...on cases of Christmas lights!

Merry Polly!

Oh, yeah, we bought dog food for a dog we plan to purchase if Y2K is a bitr or a stray we will adopt if things get nasty.

We also got a dog dish. We can always put a little food in it to attract the neighbor's dogs and/or convince the bad guys a nasty surprise is lying in wait for them behind the door....

Other possibilities--put a little blood on some dog food in the dish below the "quarantine" sign discussed in another thread.

Here in New England the Walmarts should be renamed "Polly World". Every supply you could ever want is still in plentiful supply.


-- cgbg jr (, December 04, 1999.

Since I was at Wally World today, I'll tell my experience. My only purchases were cleaning products, I wanted to use up my discount coupons before the end of the year. Walked down the cleaning supply isle and was surprised to see that it was almost wiped out! Not one single gallon of bleach on the shelf! Empty spaces where Lysol, 409, and Windex once were. Still had liquid washing detergent but you could tell inventory was extremly low. Walked around to the next isle to check out the TP and paper towel supply. Only 1/3 of the shelves still had TP and paper towels the rest were empty boxes. Walked over to sporting goods to check put the propane supply. They had maybe 20 bottles on the self, lot's of empty spaces where bottles once were. Took a stroll down the SPAM isle and there was a couple with a whole case of Wally SPAM (they took the last of it). No drinking water, but about 20 gallons of distilled were still on the shelf. This is the first of the month, people got paid Friday, SS, and welfare, so maybe this is normal buying but I have my suspicions.

-- bardou (, December 04, 1999.

Folks, do you have Dollar Store near you if you do go checck them out. You can get cheaper prices on some common oroducts. There is also super 10 etc.. Please check the discount places. Theirs are sometimes the same as the big stores.

-- ET (, December 04, 1999.

I think I have enough tampax to get me well beyond menopause!

A solution is to order the "keeper" menstrual cup, online, from

-- Brooks (, December 05, 1999.

Puh-leez! NO more Keeper endorsements!! I just don't wanna deal with it that...that...intimately! erk!

-- helen (, December 05, 1999.

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