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To whom it may concern,

I realize that this is Friday and supposedly the last day I will receive payment for various cooperative preps. Not all payments have been received nor am I so impatient that if I didn't get to you by telephone, I'm going to count you out. As you can imagine, I can only put so many hours a day into this, but I am confident that we can get what you want ordered and get it to you before the rollover. So, please don't get mad at me if I have not gotten to your order yet. You can, however, send me a reminder. I'll appreciate that.

Thank you for your attention.

Stan Faryna

Cooperative Preps: Gas Masks, Potassium Iodide, etc.

Cooperative Preps: Inexpensive Grain Mill

Cooperative Preps: Katadyn Water Filters

Got 14 days of preps? If not, get started now. Click here.

Click here and check out the TB2000 preparation forum.

-- Stan Faryna (, December 03, 1999


Careful, Stan, you sound as if you're coaching your PopWarner team with the 'it's not over till it's over' speech. Down 2 touchdowns, 27 seconds left and they have the ball.

Hey, the kids are starting to get antsy, coach.

-- Bad Company (, December 03, 1999.

Stan, I'm really to tired from prepping day-in and day-out to panic...

-- Psychotic (y2k@doom&, December 04, 1999.

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