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Hello everybody, I own a codefree Pioneer DV525 and it won't play any VCD with MPG Stills that have an audiostream in the background. I have tried several bitrates for encoding, but nothing works well. The sound is crap, even if it conforms with the "White book" standard. And my player doesn't recongnize a VCD if there aren't at least two tracks on it. The same VCD runs perfect on other DVD Players. An MPG Video with audio on the same VCD runs perfect on my DV525. Is my machine just broken, or is this normal behaviour for a DV525?

-- Timo Behrens (, December 03, 1999


This behaviour is normal, not only with the 525, but with the 414, the 301K, etc, Pioneer all. It simply won't play still image .mpg with audio, if the VCD has this, like karaoke VCDs and other ver. 2.0 VCDs with such files, used mainly for menus. However, it will play if the file has no associated audio. I knew there had to be a bug here somewhere. The DV525 seems God-sent: codefree, plays CD-Rs, and if you search carefully you can get it for much less than $300. There had to be a catch here somewhere, and there it is. Quite naturally now the question is how to create successfully such stills without audio. The only way I see for now is VideoPack. Xing allows you but insists on an associated audio track to accompany it, and with the Pioneer players, there you see the results. I thought initially I was making my VCDs the wrong way. But I noticed my 301K would play still image .mpg IF there was NO audio, so there. Philips and older Sony DVD players fare better in this. They are all more expensive than Pioneer, too.

-- EMartinez (, December 04, 1999.

Just add a small video file to the end of your stills. Problem solved!

-- (, February 07, 2000.

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