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Ok, so I've been seeing these weird contrails (certain parties are CERTAIN that they are some deadly substance, or perhaps anthrax vacine). I've been seeing them off and on for ten or fifteen years.

What has been confusing me is all these photos of "tic tac toe" patterns. I've never seen ANYTHING like that.

I think I might have figured out why.

Ok, so we have all these regular flight paths. I happen to live right under what I'm told is the Seattle to San Francisco flight pathe. We get a series of parallel "chemtrails" which sometimes spread out so much as to make a nice sunny day into an overcast one, at least from my house eastward, which is the way these trails ALWAYS seem to drift. But no cross hatching, as I've heard others report.

Well, what if you happen to live near a place where two flight paths cross? After all, every east-west, or northeast-southwest, flight pathe would have to cross north-south, or northwest-southeast, flight paths. Where they cross, you'd presumable have TWO sets of parallel lines, which cross and make these tic tac toe patterns.

Please send your gifts (for the relief of your paranoia) to the charity of your choice.


-- Al K. Lloyd (all@ready.now), December 03, 1999


Al K, That's exactly what I told my wife (she's been raving about chemtrails for over a year), the tic-tac-toe pattern is from what you descibed plus the fact they will not follow in the tail of another jet. Thus you get the T-T-T pattern.

But then she pulled my head out of the sand, told me to look up and expain why another jet, flying at the same altitude, at the same time was not leaving any type of trail whatsoever.

I couldn't. But, I did notice the trails flumed out. In a matter of a half a hour they made a ten by ten mile cloud in the sky, looked like any other cloud. I watched it disappear in the sky heading for New York City in the east.

This happens every day now. Poor New Yorkers. Makes me glad they never ever spray in Ohio.

-- SilentRunnig (CanYouHearMe@Calling.You), December 03, 1999.


For someone who likes to believe (and have others believe it, too) they are 'enlightened', you sure do come off looking very much like a smartass concerning things you haven't personally experienced. If it's not a part of your 'reality', it isn't so. Sounds remarkably similar to people who haven't done research on Y2k/ don't know squat about computers/ are just out-and-out clueless about the interconnectivity of LIFE, declaring that this Y2k 'business' is a hoax...

Don't you think it's intriguingly curious when scores of people - many of whom have NEVER been part of a tinfoil brigade - suddenly start seeing distinct patterns in the sky they've never seen before? Not an occasional intersecting +, but a whole metropolitan area blanketed with ##### in all directions - many lines east and west intersected with just as many lines running north and south...you don't find that something to question? Especially in rural areas where air traffic is rare?

You don't think it's perhaps more than an anecdotal 'coincidence' that many people have experienced profound upper respiratory infections after being exposed to these contrails?

You can't make a connection with the Secretary of Defense saying they have the 'unique' means to protect this country against biological attacks and the subsequent (and substantial) increase in the reporting of these incidents?

Making fun of people who, unlike you, *can* think outside of the box and add 2 + 2 and come up with 4 is boorish, Al. It's also the sign of an intellectually stunted individual.

-- Wilfabrooke (Take@deep.breathnow), December 03, 1999.

yes, al. one or two intersecting trails, maybe, but literally 10s of intersecting and parallel lines of smoke that holds its shape and dissipates very slowly? get a clue already. i don't know that the stuff is, but i doubt that many planes cross the sky in those directions that often.


-- edu (org@gov.mil), December 03, 1999.

So what is the fuss? If it is meant to help you, go outside and take a deep breath to get your dose and get on with your life.

-- for real (for@real.com), December 03, 1999.

Smoke that holds it's shape. "Intelligent Smoke". A definite conspiracy !!!

-- Rob (maxovrdrv51@hotmail.com), December 03, 1999.

ALK, I hesitate to post on this thread. I'm a long time lurker. Though I have never seen these 'Chemtrails' personally, I have studied many photos of them. I was in Air Traffic Control som years back. (Decided the lifestyle was much too stressful for my personal enjoyment). The photos I've seen WERE NOT flight plan arranged.

Have you ever driven through the country and looked off to the side of the road and seen this little low white building with a funny looking cone thingey on top of it in the middle of some poor farmers plowed field? That is called a VORTAC. In simple terms, it is a beacon marking an airway. This beacon emits a specific radio signal, exclusive to that beacon, that tells the pilot where he is located and if he is on course. All commercial traffic is restricted to flying either directly above these VORTACs or up to, but not more than 5 miles to either side.

Airplanes are kept apart by being assigned specific altitudes in which to fly, such as FL33 (Flight Level - 33 or 33,000 feet). If an airport gets really busy a pilot can be instructed to place his aircraft in a 'holding pattern' in which he is assigned a specific VORTAC to encircle. Again, keeping his aircraft within 5 miles to each side of the lateral airway and at a typically lower altitude than normal flight.(This is fairly uncommon practice) NEVER do aircraft 'criss-cross' back and forth through the skies, traveling miles and miles from assigned airways! This would be very dangerous and almost impossible for an ATCC to keep tabs of.

This has been an attempt to very briefly and simply shed a glimmer of light on a very sensitive and complex issue. There are, of course, exceptions to most rules, however, these are very rare and not what I've seen photos of.

BTW, All major airports have very specific approach patterns. All aircraft arrive and depart one after another on these very defined patterns. I sure as hell hope I'm never in an aircraft that is crossed in its flight plan on approch or takeoff!

-- Wild Celt (air@up.there), December 03, 1999.


Is it your job to hang around every chemtrail/contrail thread and make inane comments? You've got better things to do. Hey...why not make a real concerted effort and refrain from acting like you're still in junior high.

-- TM (mercier7@pdnt.com), December 03, 1999.

We had some heavy chemtrail activity in N. Calif last week and week before. Now I have sore throat, upper respiratory stuff, sinus stuff. Last year the emergency rooms all over were jammed with sick ones. I am willing to put on a hold on a cause/effect thing here, but the chemtrails are not "natural."

-- johno (jobriy2k@yahoo.com), December 03, 1999.

I watched them being made. Two planes. One making the north to south runs and the other east to west runs. Al, do us all a favor and shut the hell up!

-- Sick of Al (sickofal@dum.nut), December 03, 1999.

Well, I had resolved not to comment any more about chemtrails due to having been flamed previously.... but a thought just occurred to me. I began hearing reports about chemtrails about a year ago on one of the few times I listened to the Art Bell Radio Show...most of that stuff one takes with a grain of salt.

I recently read on the Military Meds Website (would have to look up the URL) that Anthrax Vaccinations have to be given over something like an 18 month period..an initial injection plus x number of boosters. It would be interesting to find out when and where the first chemtrails were observed. It seems to me like they were first observed in the Northwest...perhaps to test jetstream dispersion?? Then, maybe we have all had an initial dose of whatever this stuff is and now the program is being accelerated to accommodate year-end or an undisclosed iminent threat. I also recall reading somewhere that the Iranians had developed a combined virus of anthrax and ? (Darn,I'm in info. overload) which was supposedly unaffected by conventional Vaccine.

I just don't know,but I would sure hate to see people around me (not to mention myself and family) dying because of some damn radical cowardly camel-jockey who we should have taken out 10 years ago.I am hoping that our intelligence community knows (knew) what was there...(not milk)even they chose not to admit it at the time and have now committed to protecting this country through this clandestine operation.(or not so clandestine) The former USSR had, at one time (according to Military Web Sources), thousands of scientists working on Chemical and Biological warfare agents for decades (the U.S. claims to have had only a handfull). It is supposed that many of those USSR scientists went to the highest bidder (ie. Iran & ???) after the disolution of the USSR.

When the USSR tried to dispose of the anthrax, they just dumped it onto an island (Renaissance, I think) just north of Iran. They doused it with a type of bleach....but it has recently been discovered that the anthrax was still alive.

Just hopeful speculation, but maybe we're trying to saturate our land mass with an antidote to at least mitigate or eliminate the effect of a possible Biological attack from a major or fringe element. I think I can "Prep" for all other contingencies, but this one has me extremely concerned. Any other thoughts or hypotheses???

-- Larry (Skyblue@Yonder.com), December 04, 1999.

Hold on a minute.....Who said that chemtrails were for our health in the first place..somehow I doubt something that makes you so sick is good for your health....And why should we trust anyone flying over us spraying us in the first place????????

-- JF (RedDawnHR@aol.com), December 04, 1999.


NOT ME! Every time in the past that I have brought up these sightings, I've been ridiculed so I have resolved just to try to figure them out on my own without commenting. The above hypothesis is just my way of trying to analyze these in a positive perspective. Actually, regardless of what they are, I'm livid that TPTB can't or won't tell us what they are. A Gas Chamber by any other name is STILL a Gas Chamber! I wouldn't put anything past Your Pres.!

Best Regards

-- Larry (Skyblue@Yonder.com), December 04, 1999.

Where "Iran" "Iranians" appears in my previous post, please substitute "Iraq". It was late.

-- Larry (Skyblue@Yonder.com), December 04, 1999.

< Making fun of people who, unlike you, *can* think outside of the box and add 2 + 2 and come up with 4 is boorish, Al. It's also the sign of an intellectually stunted individual.

-- Wilfabrooke (Take@deep.breathnow), December 03, 1999.>

Wilfa, the prolem is that people who add 2+2 and come up with "oh, my gawd, it's a government conspiracy", even when there are so many other explanations offered, bring out the boor in me. Sorry. I'm getting impatient with that type of dogmatic bullshit.

Intellectually "stunted"? Don't think so. Not since I quit smoking wacky tobacky.



RZN, I want to tell you that I am proposing a POSSIBLE EXPLANATION. I don't claim to know everything. But I can tell you that where I live, there are jets going north to south every two to four or five minutes, virtually all day long. When the conditions are right (I think it's weather related, you may call it chemtrails if you like) the result is parallel lines. Oftentimes there are as many as eight or ten of them, gradually getting wider as they drift to the east. Sometimes they all blend togetyer, which really pisses me off on cold, otherwise clear, days. I think that if there were also an east west route going right over my house, as there is a north south route, that I'd see a bunch of lines more or less crossways to the ones I see now, resulting in possibley 64 to 100 squares.

Besides, if somebody was trying to spray me, why would they want to, or need to, put down the spray in a geometric pattern? Considering there are so many lines going parallel every few days, wouldn't that give me enough of a dose without having these geometric spray patterns?

By the way, some of these planes are bright pink. Does anybody know of any pink military aircraft? How about pink commercial aircraft?

Wild Celt, thank you very much for that info. I think that probably the flight paths of all the planes I see going north to south over my house probably are within five miles of each other. Most of them, in fact, appear to be much closer than that, although the planes pass by a couple to five or more minutes apart. But after they pass over, their trails are drifting to the east, usually pretty rapidly. This is why they result in a pattern of parallel lines all the way to the horizon. I know that the jet stream passes over here much of the time, and suspect that the east west wind speed at high altitudes must be quite strong, which I guess is why there are only eight or ten trails between here and the horizon at any one time. So the planes aren't really that close to each other, and thus are not going to hit each other. Two minutes apart at ten miles per minute puts them twenty miles apart, for instance.

-- johno (jobriy2k@yahoo.com), December 03, 1999.>

Post hoc, ergo propter hoc?

-- Sick of Al (sickofal@dum.nut), December 03, 1999.>

Dear sick of Al. If you read my post, you will see that your observations support my hypothesis. One flight pattern east to west, one north to south. I notice the "two planes" you saw never spun around and went back "south to north" or "west to east"

Larry, I do live in the northwest (SW Oregon, to be inexact), and I have been seeing these "chemtrails" for at least ten or fifteen years.

To all:

Don't you think it's a little bit weird that, what with all the sightings (seems like they are occurring in many, many places every day), some pilot, or some chemical company rep, or some truck driver delivering the chemicals, or some flight attendant, or SOMEBODY wouldn't have had the conscience to blow the whistle on all this deadly poisoning?

Gimme a break. Go back to your preps, already. Or get a job.


-- Al K. Lloyd (all@ready.now), December 05, 1999.

TO SILENT RUNNING: Uh oh...makes you glad they never spray in Ohio? They do. There's a photo of some whakyed spraying happening from someone in Ohio, that submitted the pic to us. www.chemtrails.sites.cc You can find it on the photos page. They're doing this ALL OVER EVERYWHERE. It'll be a matter of time before everyone's aware of it. Heads up!

-- Stacey (webmaster@chemtrails.sites.cc), December 07, 1999.

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