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The more I survey the scene and especially after the Seattle curfew, I like to take my baby to get out of the bay area till things cool off in 2,000. A friend mention Lake county, CA. Would you know anywhere else which has a smaller population, but has stores, hospital motels and low crime areas? As an alternative, what do you of at least reserving a motel in a safer area? Will motels be open if there's blackout? Any experience of this ?Please give suggestions. Thanks

-- Marilyn (, December 03, 1999


Small towns..anything North of Shasta should be cool because it is fairly sparse up that way. Yreka maybe.

just a thought.

-- C. Hill (, December 03, 1999.

How about Happy Camp on the Klamath River? I think its in either in Shasta or Trinity County (if there is such a thing, I don't have a map in front of me)

Good Luck

-- pho (, December 03, 1999.

I think this will be the last refuge for a while.

The last refuge

-- spider (, December 03, 1999.


Personally, I'd check out Mendocino.

Its along the coast... plenty of water & fishing... small town... harder to get to.

Good luck.


Mendocino Coast and County - directory of local Mendocino hotels, restaurants, wineries, businesses, and events.

Yahoo: Regional > U.S. States > California > Cities > Mendocino Cities/Mendocino/

Fort Bragg-Mendocino Coast Chamber of Commerce - find lodging, business, dining and things to do on the beautiful Mendocino coast in northern California.


-- Diane J. Squire (, December 03, 1999.

On a more serious note . . .

Heaton Associates, the London-based property
consultants, has opened up a new Web site to
offer properties for rent over the year-end period.

Y2K Bolt Holes For Rent

-- spider (, December 03, 1999.

Spidey, ROFLMAO!

Marilyn, if you have to stay in a hotel until you secure housing, then it sounds like Marriott has done some prepping.

-- Hokie (, December 03, 1999.


For safety a motel might be ok, but unless you know someone, that would (possibly) leave you without cold storage, stove, hot water, and heat. Wouldn't that force "shelter" relocating?

Just a thought.

-- maid upname (, December 03, 1999.

---this is really a tough call here. with any sort of disruptions, the vast majority of motels are going to be expensive tents. If you are convinced that this is going to be bad, then DO something about it. sell off what you have to, and get into the real country , someplace with a well or a creek. have a good water filter. rent a uhaul trailer one way and take your stuff. think something like this "that your home might burn down, you bknow it's going to happen what would you take?". be prepared to stay for a LONG time where you are moving to. In my mind, there's no such thing as this theoretical "little" crash scene of a 2-3. It either all stays up,mostly, or the cascading little failures, the governments complete cluelessness, and other external factors will make it go downhill fast. times really short now. the big cities-any big city, heck any medium or small city, would be the last place i wanted to be. cities are designed and built for the infrastructure to be INTACT. They DO NOT WORK if that utility and social infrastructure is not intact. Just look what one traffic light out at a major commuter interesection does. Extrapolate in your mind. the slide from a 2-3 on the crash scale to a 10+ is REALLY FAST, given a few days. And also, big cites have a plethora of chemical plants, industrial places, housing projects with large crime rates, etc. It's not worth the chance to me, nope. Outta town, hang out, see what happens. Nothing happens, not much of a hassle, move back if you want to. If it happens bigtime like i think it will, you'll be real glad to have gotten out now. As to where, only you can answer that. It depends on your state of preparations, your mindset, your personal economics, etc. All I do know is that RIGHT NOW, you can leisurely get in your car, have access to gasoline and unrestricted travel, you can get rice and beans and canned food readily, etc, etc, but maybe later???????who knows. I don't, but it doesn't look very good, does it? the decision to relocate rural is THE single best decision anyone can make concerning all the aspects of personal survival, and it's also the HARDEST decision to make. It's the unknown future, compared to the nice "now" timeframe. hard times call for determination and hard decisions, and no one can make those decisions for you, and there's no way to make it any less scary for you, at least I can't. What I can offer you is this absolute fact right now, is that you CAN leave now. After that, like I said, who knows. Wish I could help you better, wish I had a 100% crystal-clear ball, but the fact is no one has that device, all we have to go on is compilation of clues. If you stay in the city you are "betting" that the infrastructure stays almost 100% intact, about what it is now. we all go through glitches, all the time. In a rural area, with a well and woodstove, etc, those glitches are not as devastating, and that's a bone simple fact. that's how I look at it. Geographical insurance. Good luck and better skill


-- zog (, December 03, 1999.

Try Lake County, OREGON; town of Lakeview

-- Ralph Kramden (, December 03, 1999.

Trinity river valley (Redding west to Eureka) then north to Cresent City, CA then north to Brookings and Gold Beach, inland to Grants Pass and up to the Crater Lake area - some of the most beautiful country and seashore I've ever had the pleasure of visiting. Met some very nice folks too. Best coffee in Oregon is a little shop in Brookings formerly called Java Java - I'm unsure of the new name.

Mrs. Rimmer and I would like to relocate to this area someday. Not in the next 6 months though - it makes sense for us to stay right where we are for the time being until we see where this whole thing is going.

-- Arnie Rimmer (, December 03, 1999.

We are Y2K ready.

We are building four more units in our Marsh Commons cohousing project in the coastal town of Arcata in Humboldt County. The most livable, remote place in the US. Water and food grows all winter. University town. Organic farms down the street.

For those who don't know, cohousing has shared property and a "common house" that contains a big kitchen, (we have a wood stove for Y2K) laundry, kids room, recreation room, offices, guest room etc.

The homes are private but the land is shared.

check out our Marsh Commons web page at ttp://

check out the cohousing web page

I will be out all weekend collecting mushrooms but will be back later so contact me on monday


-- Peter Starr (, December 03, 1999.

I am not telling where I live in Northern California. But there are plenty of places and communities. For some style, try Nevada County (Nevada City etc) You ought to see their y2k community prepardness web page! Try Mt. Shasta City, Weed, Yreka, etc. Redding, Red Bluff--

Come on, at this stage of the game you can't figure this one out? Methinks you are not a "native" Californio, otherwise you would know where to go around the state.

Y2k is not the bogeyman. What are you going to do, flee to a motel and huddle around the heater with cans of half eaten soup?

Quite frankly, our little communities, the ones hidden out of the way, do not want visitors. You are the "panic" the government decries. Tell you what, just get on the white bus and you will be taken to the shelter with all the other folks prone to panic. The government will take care of you. All problems are fixed.

If you don't like that answer, then try McCloud, California. I'm sure they will open up their arms to you.

Just a

Peace Farmer

-- Peace Farmer (peacefarmer@thefarm.veg), December 03, 1999.

I agree with Peace Farmer, people in small communities do not want outsiders and frankly your too late to be thinking about uprooting and leaving with a baby. Stay in the city or wherever your at and ride it out. I am sure FEMA, the Red Cross or a church will take care of you. Try to hook up with some GIs in your area and perhaps you can work for you and your baby's keep. If you would have come here a year ago I would have given you many cities in N. CA, but nothing can be said now.

-- bardou (, December 03, 1999.

Marilyn, I think Bardou is right. However, if you feel you have to leave for safety, I would suggest a winter rental at Irish Beach (between Jenner and Mendocino) and bring your own supplies and water rather than relying on an inn or a hotel. I think they have a rental agency whose name starts with Irish Beach. Also what about the Oregon coast?

The down side of places you don't know, is that you probably will not have any clue as to public sector readiness levels, such as they may be. Good luck

-- Nancy (, December 03, 1999.

Marilyn -- sweetie, do not go to Lake Co. my younger bro- lived up there for awhile, there is whole lot of drugs goin down. The county is an extemely poor county. Most of the county is on welfare (not saying bad or good, just wouldn't want to be there when Uncle Sams checks stop showing up). Mendocino, on up to Oregon are the places to be. Shasta is beautiful also, remember though, the further north you go the colder it gets. If I could I would skip North a little further. I think my location will be alot better than most. Santa Rosa was ranked 4 on "The Best Place To Be In a Nuclear War" list. That city is pretty close to where I am. Have a few spots further North, if we need to "try" and get the hell out. All well within a tank of gas away.

Take care of you and your baby!!!! E-mail me, I live near you!! ;-)

-- closetoyou (, December 03, 1999.

Hi Marilyn,

Lake county is a no go to confirm what someone else said...wouldn't want to be there. Northern Sonoma or southern Medocino should be fine, wouldn't think you would need to go furthur. We should be immune from much of the craziness that may occur in the bay area. Good agricultural base, small town "stick-together-ness", etc. If things go poorly in the bay area the locals have plans to control most of it. Ukiah is a good size town and a nice community. Healdsburg north should be relatively safe. I live in the hills west of Healdsburg and feel safe here, many of our neighbors are prepped. Don't know what ties you have to the bay area, friends, neighbors, etc. Might be nice to stay fairly close though. In part where you end up depends on if you plan to buy, rent, etc. Good luck, need more info just ask.

-- Don Kulha (, December 03, 1999.

I have lived all over Northern California and know the area quite well. Mendocino, Shasta, Trinity and Humboldt counties. I've hiked nearly every square inch there is in Northern California. I've friends all over Northern California, but I'd never go back there again. Not even for a visit.

I'm not there now, nor would I even consider California - anyplace. Although there are quiet remote areas and some great hideouts in the hills in various counties, California is going to be a war zone soon and there won't be anyplace safe.

Why? Couple of reasons. Californian's don't understand their rights. They roll over every single time and refuse to stand up for what is right. Look at the recent legislation on gun control. Y2K is not the only thing ticking to January 1, 2000. Look at California's initiative to stop illegal immigration. Over and over again, California's residents have refused to stand up.

Yeah, I'm talking serious stuff here if you read between the lines, but the point is, Californian's are just going to go along to get along. When Gov decides to declare martial law, nobody is going to protest. Nobody is going to protest when they haul you away. Nobody is going to object when they declare certain veiwpoints downright dangerous. It's already happening there and in other places around the country.

California used to be great, but I'd never live there or consider it a place to survive ANYTHING. All my family is there, my kids were born there, my wife was raised there, yada, yada, yada. Bottom line, California is a death trap.

California leads the nation in it's stupid irresponsible laws, fads and trends. 20 odd million hungry Californians? You've got to be kidding. California will be one of the first states to go up in flames due to high population densities and liberal politics.

Northern California offers solutions to a soon to be water problem and would be far better then the Bay Area or Southern California. Still, I'd only stop off in California (if I were stuck there) until I got my wits about me and left for a more responsible state.

Going to a motel for Y2K protection in ANY state is not a good idea. You would do far better with friends (even in California, they might help you escape if need be). Going it alone is a bad idea in general. Many of us will have to unfortunently, but if you are only just now figuring it out that you have got to make some changes, then you had better realize your options are severely limited. You can't afford to make a stupid mistake. You have no time to make ANY mistakes this late in the game. A hotel is such a mistake.

Go to a relatives house if you have to leave the Bay Area, yes, even in California. Tell your Aunt it's time for a visit and you'd like to ring in the new millenieum together.

Keep in mind that it will be six months before the full effects of Y2K are actually experienced. We may or may not see martial law at the end of the month, but that doesn't mean all hell will break loose then either. Furthermore, January 1 doesn't mean that all hell will break loose. Sit down and think! What are you real options?

Unfortunately, it would seem to me that this is more of a reactive question of yours then having decided that you must now do something. Don't let Seattle affect your reasoning.

What you really ought to decide for yourself, without allowing those of us on this forum to influence you, is what exactly do you want? How serious do you, personally, believe Y2K to be? Are you really, truly willing to disrupt your entire life, and I mean the REST OF YOUR LIFE according to your beliefs? If not, then you are not serious and should only make decisions that reflect this. If you are truly serious (and I'm sorry, but I doubt it very much) then you shouldn't hesitate one iota, because you can't afford to stall any longer. Good luck to you, I do wish you the best.

-- Ex Californian (, December 03, 1999.

Go to Burney or Quincy, California. There's lots of single men up there (loggers), who would consider taking you and your baby in. You could exchange housekeeping, and cooking, in place of room and board. Place an ad in the paper and start testing the waters. If you are on public assistance, it will be easy to get it there. There's plenty of wildlife and water available in those two towns. Going somewhere and hiding in a motel is plain nuts, think about your baby and his/her future. There's drug problems everywhere, no escaping that.

-- ~~~~ (, December 03, 1999.

Lassen Peak is lovely in April

-- (springbreeze@volcano.lamps), December 03, 1999.

~~~~~ (squiggle) said "if you are on public assistance it is easier to get it up there (Burney, Quincy)

We don't want useless eaters up here. We don't need another mouth suckling on the county teat. Tell you what squiggle, why don't you have her stay with you?

Just a

Peace Farmer

-- Peace Farmer (peacefarmer@thefarm.veg), December 03, 1999.

Don't bother going anywhere unless you bring with you preps/ barter items/gold and silver/useful skills. That said, try Klamath County, just across the border in Oregon. Check out very small towns like Merrill, Malin, Tulelake, Sprague River. Cheap rentals/leases available. Sparse population, lots of cleanish water, independent people, strong communities. But if you're just another unprepped refugee, stay away. THE ROADS WILL BE CLOSED SOON.

-- StanTheMan (, December 03, 1999.

I live in Siskiyou County - one of those with several towns that have been mentioned. We have a history as a generous people and have taken strangers into our homes when the pass over the Siskiyous into Oregon is snowed under. But this time is different. Rumor has it that local men will be preventing people from exiting the freeway into North County. I believe it.

A motel is not anywhere I would like to be during rollover. If the electricity goes down, public health laws would probably require that the motels close. Then where will ya be? The national guard armory is not a fun spot, particularly with several feet of snow on the ground. As for local hospitlity, taking a stranger into your home for a day or two is quite different than inviting them to live with you indefinitely.

We are a remote area. Remote areas will be the last to get "fixes" on things like power and telephone. All our food, gas and supplies must be trucked long distance. That is not an ideal bet for re-stocked stores, besides, most people will probably close up and go home with their families if it hits hard.

Families are large extended and multi-generational. Many are 5th generation descended from original pioneers. People are mostly related. They will help their own before they help you.

If you planned on relocating here, you should have done it at least a year ago.

-- marsh (, December 03, 1999.

Potter Valley, Mendo.Co ..Russian and Eel Rivers. Good farm land, thier own hydro power station. I grew up there. But Alas.Im another ex-Californian. Been an Alaskan for 30 years...Good Luck

-- Capt Dennis (, December 03, 1999.

She isn't my problem, that's why we pay taxes. You can't stop people from moving where ever they choose. It's a free country and that's just the way life is everywhere. You may not want useless eaters on the county teat but they are there. We have immigrants coming into this country that immediately get welfare and in some cases social security. So why shouldn't a citizen of the United States who wants something better for themselves, relocate and get some assistance until they can get back on their feet again? Maybe you can put her up and help with your farm, can't you use an extra farm hand?

-- ~~~~~ (, December 03, 1999.

Peter, I hope your community does well. Good for you karla and Don! What is wrong with the rest of you? You don't know this woman's story or life, yet you pass judgement. There but for the grace of God.... And Militantunpeaceful Farmer... ~@~ suggested that she WORK.

This was good advice from Ex Californian: "What you really ought to decide for yourself, without allowing those of us on this forum to influence you, is what exactly do you want? How serious do you, personally, believe Y2K to be? Are you really, truly willing to disrupt your entire life, and I mean the REST OF YOUR LIFE according to your beliefs? If not, then you are not serious and should only make decisions that reflect this. If you are truly serious (and I'm sorry, but I doubt it very much) then you shouldn't hesitate one iota, because you can't afford to stall any longer. Good luck to you, I do wish you the best. "

Also from zog: "All I do know is that RIGHT NOW, you can leisurely get in your car, have access to gasoline and unrestricted travel, you can get rice and beans and canned food readily, etc, etc, but maybe later???????who knows. I don't, but it doesn't look very good, does it? the decision to relocate rural is THE single best decision anyone can make concerning all the aspects of personal survival, and it's also the HARDEST decision to make"

I admire zog's advice. The rest of you....Pafooooeeeey!!!! Yes, it's LATE!! But where there is life, there is hope. There are still choices. There are choices available that can mean the difference between living and dying. Just because you would turn your back or close your doors, does not mean that every one out there would. It only takes one open door. Everyone paints pictures of rural people as suspicious and rigid and living in their own tiny little rural world. Well, I grew up in such a community. I live in one now. I have also lived as urban as you can get in southern CA. I find that people are people. There are some rigid people who live in little worlds in the city and in the country. But guess what? There are generous and bright souls in the country as well as the city. Let me give you a prime example. Grand Forks, North Dakota and the surrounding area was absolutely devasted by a terrible flood. You did not see looting. You saw people of all ages and from all walks of life coming from all around the area to help clean up and to donate money and supplies. I grew up around there. Those rural people are the salt of the earth. I suppose if someone breezed in like a city know-it-all with their silly preconceived stereotypes, they might not warm right up to you. But act like a real person, and you will be accepted and treated well.

Boy, I realize that I'm upset about this. But while lurking I keep coming across posts like... "It's too late to move,.... it's too late to's too late to try to help or inform people..." SAYS WHO? Who claims to be God today? Only God knows when it is TOO LATE.

My advice... Sell everything that you do not need. Keep only what is irreplaceable to you and of value in a survival situation. Get in your car, and haul you, your baby, and whatever is important to a better area. Pray that God will lead you to the right people. To kind people who are savvy about preparing. Then be ready to work and to share. It is not too late! Don't squander the choices and the time that you still have. My hopes and prayers are with you. My email is real, please feel free to write.

-- Mumsie (, December 03, 1999.

Don't even think about Oregon. They hate Californians coming up and screwing up their beautiful state like they did to California. They will slash the tires on your car if they see your plates hanging around for very long, and could do a lot of other things to get the message across.

-- they (won', December 03, 1999.

Just be happy you are not is southern california!

-- Apollo (, December 03, 1999.

Marilyn, I have to agree with those who say no to Lake County. It has a mix of very wealthy and very poor, with MANY folks on welfare. It is also the methamphetamine capital of California. Very cold in winter and hot in summer. Mendocino County is much better, though it is also economically depressed. Ukiah has the ability to produce electricity, has much fertile farm land and people who know how to utilise it. There is a good mix of left-leaning and conservative people here. I would avoid the coast. Sorry, Diane, but there actually isn't much water there. Much of the land on the coast is shallow hardpan and wells are usually deep. The area from Manchester to Gualala is pretty nice, but lacking in housing for non-residents. For me, the coast is too grey, with not enough sun to warm my tired bones. The best climate is in the Anderson Valley, around Booneville. Good luck and be safe. By the way, there are also many, many people skilled in the use of firearms, many combat veterans and many hunters, so those of you who are thinking of becoming marauders should steer clear. Here's hoping we all survive and prosper next year.

Michael Airborne all the way, Rangers lead the way

-- michael frazier (, December 03, 1999.

Squiggle (~~~)

You want to bring taxes into this? Then tell me WHERE in the constitution it says money will be taken from its citizens and given to others?


No its not to late to do anything. But come one this person is frightened by images on tv that are happenening a thousand miles away. If this person is intelligent, they would open a map, go the the library, search the web if she wanted to go. Come on, asking strangers on a forum what she should do? She wants to sit in a motel for the rollover in some out of the way town? Unbelievalble. This is a person gripped by fear. Either that, or in my estimation, a poseur.

Just a

Peace Farmer

-- Peace Farmer (Peacefarmer@thefarm.veg), December 04, 1999.

No where does it say that in the constitution, but that's just the way life is in the big country.

-- ~~~~~ (, December 04, 1999.

Southern Oregon's Rogue Valley, ( Ashland, Medford,Grants Pass) is about the most Y2K aware place in the US. Ditto for the Umpqua Valley, ( Sutherlin, Oakland, Roseburg), a few miles further north.Both places are organized and about as well prepared as can be, given the total lack of any govment support or encouragement. I suspect you would find some assistance there.

-- Ralph Kramden (, December 04, 1999.

they--I'm laughing at your post! What frickin hypocrites you wanna be Oregonians are. Over half of the people living in Oregon and Idaho are from California! What arrogance you people have, it's a free country, I'll move and live where ever I choose! People like you aren't anything new to me. If I choose to move there, what business is it of anyone? Oregon depends on people coming from the outside to purchase your homes and bring money into your state to create jobs and keep taxes lower. Oregon depends on Californians to spend money in your state on tourism, and real estate speculation. Soon, your state will shrivel up and you'll be heading back to the Golden State looking for a job, watch those tires of yours.

-- ~~~~ (, December 05, 1999.

I agree with Diane. Used to live in Mendocino/Fort Bragg area and I still have family there. It's a decent community. Check the links she gave you for the newspaper to find a rental. It's expensive there, but you'll be better off than in the city. You have time. The sheeple are Christmas shopping. But do it now. Today. You can always move back. It's only three hours away.

BTW, do NOT trespass on anyone's property in Mendocino County. Lotta pot growers with guns. They keep a low profile, so I wouldn't worry about them otherwise. Everybody's gotta make a living.

As for water, I personally think whatever authorities are in existence will take over private wells and use generators to get water for the community. I also don't think it's a bad idea. I'd gladly let them use mine.

And definitely skip the motel idea. You're better off in your own home in the city, than a motel with no power, water, food, surrounded by DGI strangers.

Best of luck to you and your baby.

-- remembering the redwoods (intheirpower@nd.glory), December 05, 1999.

Come on Honey!

600sqr. ft. rental. Do you have the guts to move? Wood stove. Well water! G.I. property. Hand pump! 8 cords wood. Can you shoot? How old is your baby? I guess because you had the guts to ask I thought I may respond. I have been looking at this for two days. If your a troll then fuck you. If your scared, but smart, write me...


Red Bluff, Ca...10 miles out of town....12,000 pop.

Hows That for location, you asshole paranoid scared dumbshits!!

Flint!! I have been reading"Lurking", This board for 6 mos.

Do you always Pee on the floor??

I have never seen anyone split hairs like you.

-- Hatti (, December 05, 1999.

Wow Hatti!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep on Keepin On


-- needmorelikeU (, December 05, 1999.

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