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While the title to the following story from the Evening Post (New Zealand) is itself a "public admittance" surprise, I find the last line in the brief article the biggest officially in print shocker.

No Y2K cash guarantee, says bank

Source: The Evening Post

WestpacTrust has told customers it can't guarantee access to cash at
money machineswhen the century clicks over to 2000. Chief executive
Harry Price said yesterdaycustomers' money would be safe, with
financial records and arrangements such as automaticpayments
maintained. The bank had been working on year 2000 issues for two
yearsand would have teams of people ready to fix problems "as soon
as humanly possible", Mr Price said. WestpacTrust is the only bank
to guarantee money will be safe, althoughthe banking industry says
it is prepared for the 2000 change-over.

Supplied by New Zealand Press Association
Publication date: Nov 27, 1999
) 1999, NewsReal, Inc.

-- faith'nhope (, December 03, 1999


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-- faith'nhope (, December 03, 1999.

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