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I will soon be going to DCC. My layout is about 300 ft. of main lines. It is not a club, I primarly run by myself or 1 or 2 friends. I would like to have a train that will run on the layout and not require supervision, but still stop at stations and signals. Is there a DCC system that can handle this?

-- Chris Dante (, December 02, 1999


Tony's Train Exchange ( sells a gadget that will cause a DCC decoder equipt train to stop, pause, then continue at a station. It is suited for unattended operation. But every train on that station track section will stop, not just a particular one. It could be installed on track sections protected by signals. With proper relaying the stoping feature could be turned on & off in response to the signaling system.

The way in which this works is quite clever. Worth checking out.

-- Don Vollrath (, December 03, 1999.

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