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I posted earlier under "awareness/general." Thought it might be more appropriate to post under government threads. I hope it doesn't repost to the general as well. If it does, well...I'm sorry, get over it.

"I'm hopeful there are other local gov't employees visiting this forum who will take the time to provide some insight into progress (real, perceived, professed) by their IT departments on getting local gov't systems y2k ready, compliant, ok.

Working in a department of local gov't that isn't considered mission critical, our office staff works from antiquated computers. There is no chance of being upgraded prior to y2k. No problem for me, I'll just take out my pencil and notebook. However, one thing this indicated to me is since the IT folks still have not found time to do our department's upgrades, they are apparently still working feverishly to upgrade the mission critical systems. They have less than 30 days.

On a coffee break recently, I had the opportunity to bump into our head IT man. While fairly tight lipped, he did reveal his opinion that, "no one really knows." He also indicated he expects to be working mucho overtime for the first two or three months of y2k, because he anticipates many bugs.

Does this scenario apply to your local governmet? What services might be disrupted?"

-- Lisa (, December 02, 1999

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