Tighten seat belts. We are on final approach to December 31, 1999 landing into Runway 2000.

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The following letter was sent by a community organizer to people in his town. It may someday be an historical document.



"We do not need censorship of the press. We have censorship by the press." G. K. Chesterton (1874-1936)

Governments and mass media succeeded in setting up the public for a costly, last-minute Y2K panic, so we cease our futile publishing of truthful information about Y2K.

We write this last heartfelt message after serious reflection. Mike Adams, Ed Yourdon, and other Paul Reveres also suspended Y2K publication. The goal was always to bring facts - just the facts - to family, friends, and neighbors while there was still time. Now events can no longer be altered significantly in the few days left.

Irresponsible, money-controlled authorities persistently encouraged avoidance of serious preparations. This left most people defenseless against potentially very dangerous disruptions. Mainstream media not only refused to earnestly investigate, but chose instead to actively promote public complacency with profitable misinformation.

Most people turned a deaf ear to good sense and labelled it alarmism. They swallowed the "3-day bump in the road storm story" hook, line, and sinker, accepting in blind faith the Pollyanna spin of vested interests seeking to protect their own bottom line regardless of the human suffering they may cause.

So what is new? While some prepare, the majority have chosen, once again, their historical role of obedience to robber barons who are in the process of stealing the government of the people and making it the government of multinationals. Some prominent political scoundrels already pre-blame the public for the Y2K problems they themselves are causing. This cunningly cynical strategy tries to deflect blame from the guilty for what "they know" is about to happen. It was said, "You cannot fool all the people all the time." Election 2000 will be quite interesting, if it will happen at all. Will the WTO bandits steal what is left of America's independence and freedom?

We Americans usually,tend to panic in the final moments before a crisis, whether it be a hurricane, war, or -- as we'll soon see -- Y2K. When this happens, corrupt governments look for scapegoats. They never take responsibility for their arrant negligence, so we know that they will attempt to blame those who sought to prevent catastrophe and will attack prudent folks who took action to prepare family and neighbors.

In 1878 a yellow fever epidemic attacked the Gulf Coast. Newspapers and politicians continually reassured the citizens of Memphis that there was no cause for concern, as yellow fever just could not spread that far north. It never had before. As the epidemic reached up the Mississippi River, a few Memphians fled. Of those who stayed, 55% died. The city was abandoned and did not even have a city government for fourteen years.

Koskinen & Co. have been very successful in selling their "three day blizzard, bump in the road" charade. Let us remember this if we can still vote in 2000. Goebbels, the Nazi minister of propaganda, remarked: "Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth." A Paul Simon lyric goes: "A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest."

History will remember this great evil as "The Big Y2K Lie." It was easily sold because this dream is what 98% of "consumers" desperately want to believe. After all, isn't there a Santa Claus? We know the reindeer sleigh is Y2K compliant!

So, Sayonara! Good luck to all of you. We'll check back after our sobering crash landing into the next century. Tighten your seat belts. We are on final approach to December 31, 1999 landing into Runway 2000. The school of hard knocks starts in January. A tough teacher that will take no uppity guff from any of us. We'll all meet in that no-nonsense reality classroom weather we like it or not.

Finally we are prepared to be wrong about Y2K, how about you? There will be no need of "we told you so's" for the record will stand. On the other hand, if we who warned of danger are proven far off the mark we'll be as happy as you to be wrong, but what about you? If you are wrong, how happy will you be of having taken a chance with your well being based on the word of dishonest politicians and asold out press?

Sayonara. Till we meet again


Two things will be proven to be infinite by Y2K: (1) Divine Mercy; and (2) Human Stupidity

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Millennium, everyone.


-- uef (uef@uneco.org), December 02, 1999


Well said. Nuff said.

-- Familyman (prepare@home.com), December 02, 1999.

I Love it! If it's okay, I'd like to copy and post on the bulletin board at work, for all the DGI's to see!

-- Cindy (habrown@alaska.net), December 02, 1999.

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