D.C. Automated payroll put on hold

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News Briefs

D.C. automated payroll system put on hold WASHINGTON, D.C., Dec. 2  News4 has learned that the District government will not try to put any more employees on its computerized payroll system. The same system is still messing up paychecks of people who work at the fire department and in public schools. Turning off the system means that thousands of workers wont have to worry about receiving their paychecks around the holidays. Hundreds of teachers demonstrated outside the control board headquarters a week ago after still more paychecks were lost or paid inaccurately. District leaders have since confirmed to News4s Tom Sherwood that no more agencies will go on the new CAPPS system until the bugs are worked out.

-- Homer Beanfang (Bats@inbellfry.com), December 02, 1999


Hey, no problem -- this should only take two or three days. Maybe not in the rest of the world, but this is Washington you're talking about - - and the official word from Washington is that software bugs are equivalent to a three-day snowstorm. Problem solved. Over and out.

-- Ed Yourdon (ed@yourdon.com), December 02, 1999.

And all this time I thought DC was good to go for Y2K at 99% readiness after 17 months of banging in that code.

-- fatanddumb (fatdumb@nd.happy), December 02, 1999.

What was that guys name in the Y2K movie, Nick? Just keep his SR71 fueled, give him a bunch of No Doz and race his ass around the globe. Will have a Nick Command Control Center as his dispatcher. Nooo proobblleeemsss.

-- Guy Daley (guydaley@bwn.net), December 02, 1999.

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