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I received the below via email and am passing it on for those who might be interested. I don't have any connection with the organization... just thought non-cooking solutions might by Y2K widom as far as energy consumption (not to mention the smell of food leading people to your door). -Dennis (aka Paul D. Law)

Subj: Special RAW FOOD BULLETIN: Y2K Date: Thu, 2 Dec 1999 2:02:55 AM Eastern Standard Time From: "Nature's First Law" To: nature@cari.net Hello Friends,

December 31, 1999 is only 30 days away. This is an exciting time! The world will be celebrating. Are you ready for the biggest party in 1000 years? Are you prepared for perhaps the worst party in 1000 years?

Many computer experts have speculated that on January 1, 2000, a world-wide catastrophe will occur. Everything from power grids to nuclear power plants, to our food supply, to the stock market, to social security, to our bank accounts are at risk when the clock strikes midnight. You have surely already heard the speculations about what will happen when the billions of computers and microchips around the world turn from 99 to00 (1999 to 2000). This computer-designers' flaw could cause world-wide chaos. Hopefully, you have started to prepare. We here at Nature's First Law recommend that you have some extra food and water on hand if Y2K comes down like the experts say it will.

Here are a few things everyone should have:

Pure water (distilled in glass bottles is best) Raw, organic olives (important source of plant fat!) Raw, organic, in-shell nuts Raw, organic, sun-dried fruit High-quality nutcracker

For a full explanation of the Year 2000 (Y2K) Computer Problem, visit this website: http://www.y2klinks.net/Y2Kexpl.htm

If they're right, you'll be prepared. If they're wrong, you'll have some extra organic food on hand. The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it. Be prepared.

Our Y2K Food Supply List:

Raw, free-grown, sun-ripened Greek olives (13.0 oz.) -- We have been bombarded with requests for these raw, free-grown olives mentioned in David Wolfe's new book "The Sunfood Diet Success System." We are delighted to announce that the olives are now available! These olives are: organically-grown, sun-ripened, with cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil and light sea salt. Fabulous moist olives! Olives are the #1 mucus-dissolving food and the fruit highest in minerals. Olives are a staple amongst us raw-foodists here at the Nature's First Law head office. $7.50/jar (by the case - twelve 13-oz jars - $70.00)

Raw, free-grown, sun-ripened Kalamata-style olives (packed in pure water, fresh garlic, oregano, and a dash of sea salt - 10 oz.) -- $7.50/jar (by the case - twelve 13-oz jars - $70.00)

Raw, free-grown, stone-pressed olive oil -- This olive oil is made from ripe olives crushed and ground with stone presses using the original techniques developed by the Greeks and Romans thousands of years ago. This oil is true to the original varieties available in the ancient Mediterranean. We have imported stone-pressed oils from all over the world and have concluded this stone-pressed oil is the best available. One taste and you will never go back! An essential in the raw, living-foods kitchen. Available in dark-glass bottles.

Two sizes: 500ml - $15.95, 1000ml - $24.95

Raw, organic, almond butter (1 pound glass jars) -- Almond butter is a treat few can resist. Made from organically-grown almonds by family farmers in the central valley of California. Ingredients: whole organic almonds! $12.00/jar

Bulk Nuts -- All raw, organically-grown, and still in-shell to insure freshness. Macadamias - 20 lbs. $60.00 Pecans - 20 lbs. $105.00 Almonds - 20 lbs. $55.00 Hazelnuts - 20 lbs. $40.00 Pistachios - 20 lbs. $125.00 Walnuts - 20 lbs. $50.00

Nutcracker: "Krakanut -- World's Finest Nutcracker" -- NEW!!! Cracks the hardest nuts perfectly every time with no mess. Great for macadamias, black walnuts, hickorynuts, butternuts, etc. Gentle on soft nuts such as pecans. Highly recommended by the Nature's First Law head office! $39.95

Sun-dried Fruit -- All raw, sun-dried, and organically-grown. Apricots -- sun-dried, organic: $7.50 per pound (or $140 for 20 pounds) Figs -- sun-dried, organic: $4.50 per pound (or $120 for 30 pounds) Mangoes -- sun-dried, organic: $8.50 per pound (or $155 for 20 pounds) Raisins -- sun-dried, organic, with small seeds: $3.00 per pound (or $70 for 30 pounds)

Dulse, organic, sea vegetables (5 pounds) -- Dulse is a red seaweed with flat, fan-shaped fronds that grows from the temperate to frigid zones of the Atlantic and Pacific. Dulse makes a great addition to salads. This alkaline vegetable is an excellent source of iron and many trace minerals. It also contains iodine and manganese which activate enzyme systems. This seaweed is dry and keeps for many months. $100.00 for 5 pounds

Nori, organic, sea vegetables (5 pounds) -- Nori (also called Laver) is a dark red, lavender seaweed. Nori makes a great addition to salads. Nori has the highest protein content of any seaweed (48% of dry weight). It also contains an enzyme that helps break down cholesterol deposits. Nori is high in Vitamin A, B1, niacin (B3), and trace minerals. Our nori is in its natural state and has not been processed into sheets. This seaweed is dry and keeps for many months. $125.00 for 5 pounds

Soy Sauce ("Nama Shoyu") -- In Japan, "Nama" means "raw" or "unpasteurized." Nama Shoyu has been called the champagne of soy sauces. It has a rich, full-bodied flavor and an exquisitely delicate bouquet, and is loaded with healthful live enzymes. Made with only the finest organic ingredients and aged naturally in cedar wood kegs. No preservatives. Enjoy Nama Shoyu in your favorite raw-food dishes. You've heard the rumors, check this stuff

out for yourself! 10 oz. bottle - $7.00, 32 oz. bottle - $15.00

Aloe Vera, organic, fresh, raw (20 pounds) -- Aloe vera is a desert succulent native to East and South Africa which is now grown all over the world. The leaf contains a mucilaginous gel. This gel can be used as a moisturizing lotion, sun-tan lotion, or burn lotion. The gel can also be used as food and blends well with everything. Aloe will purify the blood and liver as well as soothe the colon and help heal ulcers, colitis, and hemorrhoids. Due to its strong effects in cleansing the liver, pregnant women and young children should not take aloe vera internally. This aloe is guaranteed to be the largest, juiciest, and most healing variety you have ever tried. Aloe keeps well at room temperature and this supply can last many months. $60.00

Resource Guide: "Edible Wild Plants: A North American Field Guide" by Elias & Dykeman (1990, 286 pgs.) -- This is the best nationwide season-by-season guide to identifying and harvesting over 200 nutritious, delicious, healthful wild plants from deserts, forests, fields, mountains, every climate in between. This guide has everything: plant foods of the Indians, maps, symbols, and over a hundred full-color photos. $16.95

Shipping & handling not included on items, but will reflect normal USPS & UPS rates.

To order items, contact us at:

Nature's First Law The World's Premier Source of Raw/Living Food Lifestyle Products 619-229-8259 or 1-888-RAW-FOOD Main Website: http://www.rawfood.com Online Superstore: http://www.rawfood.com/order/index.cgi Email: nature@rawfood.com

-- Paul D. Law (Dennis) (PaulLaw@aol.com), December 02, 1999


Very nice stuff, but obviously pricey. By the way, you have to be really a man/woman of steel to drink fresh aloe juice. That is the most awful drink I've ever had and I am used to bitter, nasty herbs.

-- Mara (MaraWayne@aol.com), December 02, 1999.

I took part in a year-and-a-half medical study run by Gary Null on reversing the aging process. I mixed a small amount of the juice with the watered-down organic grape juice I switched to after giving up Coca-cola. I did taste different, but not undrinkable when mixed with the grape juice. My dehydrator book says that canned orange juice can be dehydrated like fruit leather and the rehydrated in a blender. I guess the same thing could be done to the frozen grape juice concentrate by using a hand powered salad chopper as a "blender".

-- Paul D. Law (Dennis) (PaulLaw@aol.com), December 03, 1999.

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