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Breakdowns and mistakes in computer systems in
connection with the millenium shift will cost
Norwegian society 27,3 billion kroner, according
to the consulting firm IM.

Costly Y2K Solutions

-- spider (, December 02, 1999


IM also reported that Y2K would cost Denmark 14.5 billion (Danish) kroner (over 2 billion dollars). The Danish Government said that this was built on faulty analysis and was 'way too high', especially as the Energy, Telecomms, and Finance businesses had all 'declared themselves ready for New Year's Eve 2000 (sic!) and expected to deliver a normal service'.

IM listed the 14 'best-prepared countries' as 'Bermuda, Chile, Canada, USA, Australia, Hongkong, Singapore, Denmark, Ireland, Holland, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and Israel'.

Sorry I don't have any link - I'm reading this in my morning paper (Berlingske Tidende).

-- Risteard MacThomais (, December 02, 1999.

Thanks for the post spider. Reminder: a lot of post-rollover costs will be in lost production. That's value coming OUT of the economy, much more damaging at a national and international level than the cost of making pre-rollover remediation, which is just shuffling money around inside the economy.

-- Colin MacDonald (, December 02, 1999.

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