A Brief Explanation of Doomlit Time Dilation

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Rather funny, actually.

-- Not a polly but (like@good.laugh), December 02, 1999


This is funny! I was rolling on the floor (etc.)

I remember somebody once saw some Christians singing onward christian soldiers while protesting abortion or the death penalty or some issue that person disagreed with, and that person complained "How come they have all the good music?"

Where's some good doomor humer to counter this hilarious piece ?

-- Count Vronsky (vronsky@anna.lit), December 02, 1999.

Er, sorry, no. Most humour is based on victimisation, and it's hard to victimise the majority. Ironic, but not actually funny. :(

-- Colin MacDonald (roborogerborg@yahoo.com), December 02, 1999.

That was nicely done. However, if you check the historic record, it's not accurate.

It was a nice parody of the polly straw-man misconception of the world. Oddly, most of the polly arguments are with their own assumptions of the world.

If the pollies dare to venture outside of their child-like polly world, events are unfolding. I learned last night that a CIO-type who I did some work for about 10 years ago was just fired. His firm's mission critical system was declared non-Y2K compliant last week. A day later, he was out-a there. "See you around, clown."

I used to hope that the pollies were right, even asked them for clear, rational statements explaining their position. I understand now that they suffer from some kind of self-delusion and are unable to think through their assumptions. The term Pollyanna is accurate.

The systems have not been remediated.

The systems will not be fixed on failure.

There will be widespread problems as have been reported at Hersheys, Whirlpool, Chase Manhattan, the DoD's Security Clearance center.

There is no way to do the work by hand.

It is an unknown how pervasive this is. Similarly, it is an unknown whether the chaos will flow outward from failing organizations or will be contained by organizations that have functioning systems.

As superdoomer Tim May has pointed out, if Hersheys fails, perhaps they will be acquired by Mars (a privately held local corporation.) for pennies on the dollar.

Good luck everyone.

-- cory (kiyoinc@ibm.XOUT.net), December 02, 1999.

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