Missed the show....what did Mr. Ceo say????

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I think I've gone through most of the Mr. Ceo reports, including one which advised going down "about 20, the one with 7 asterecks = nada), but still don't know what the gist of the talk was....anybody otta there, can you fill in just a little....anything new or newsworthy?

-- Queen of Hearts (alice@wonder.land), December 02, 1999


Mr. CEO backed out of the interview. Decided that the risk to him and his company was greater than any good his information could do at this late date.

Jim Lord WAS on the show talking about it. Can listen to the archive of todays show (dec, 1st 1999) at http://www.m2ktalk.com/y2k3.ram

The show should be up until tomorrow (dec 2nd, 1999) afternoon.

Y2K News Radio has been getting a LOT of hits so server may be busy. Keep trying.

-- Ryker (ryker@soybean.chat), December 02, 1999.

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