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Greetings, friends. For fourteen months I've delivered hundreds of feature articles and e-mails to you at no charge. Today, I'm asking you to return the favor and make your voice heard by joining me in a nationwide three-day Y2K action that will demand the attention of journalists, Congresspeople and Senators everywhere.

All the action begins on Tuesday, December 7, 1999, exactly fifty-eight years following the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese war machine. But today, the tables are turned: we're the good guys launching a surprise attack on the misinformation pouring forth from our federal government and mainstream press. Our goal? To draw attention to unanswered questions about Y2K and the importance of national preparedness.

On Thursday, December 9, participate in "Prepare America" day. On December 9, 1941, President Franklin D. Roosevelt told Americans to prepare for a long war (World War II). Next Thursday, with your help, we'll urge our own political leaders to tell Americans to prepare for Y2K.

The following day, Friday, is "Peace through Preparedness" day. On December 10, 1917, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the American Red Cross. Forty-seven years later, the same award was given to Martin Luther King. This year, on this momentous day, we're asking you to help us distribute the message of "Peace through Preparedness." We'll be linking you to e-mail addresses of your Washington representatives so you can voice your stance on preparedness and the prevention of chaos.

That's THREE DAYS of Y2K action, right here on Y2K Newswire:

Tuesday, December 7: Pearl Harbor day -- a surprise, grass-roots attack on the media

Thursday, December 9: Prepare America day -- telling your Washington representatives the importance of preparedness

Friday, December 10: Peace through Preparedness day -- appealing to journalists and representatives to prevent panic by encouraging common-sense preparedness

It's easy! First, come to the Rally Point and see how many others are promising to join the action. You can get to the Rally Point by surfing to: http://www.y2knewswire.com/rallypoint.asp

Starting on December 7, we'll be posting text you can copy and paste into your e-mail program or word processor to deliver it to the intended recipients. We'll also be posting e-mail contact addresses and fax numbers for hundreds of national journalists, plus listings for all your Congresspeople and Senators. And we'll be posting the results of your actions to show how many people are participating.

This three-day event will have no advertising, no sponsors, no fees. It's 100% free and open to all people of every race, nationality, religious background, sexual orientation and otherwise!

Together, we can create literally thousands of letters to journalists and elected officials. And these letters will, indeed, make a difference.

Spread the news. Copy this message to the public bulletin boards and newsgroups. E-mail it to other Y2K web sites or publications. Forward it to your friends. Your action can make a lasting difference.

The mainstream thinks Y2K-concerned citizens are beat. You can show them we're not! Not only will we fire up thousands of people in a focused information crusade, we will jolt awake some sleeping journalists in the process. Remember: an unprepared America is a scared America. Fight the fear! Raise your voice! Create confidence and peace for Y2K!

Join me on December 7 for the surprise attack on Year 2000 disinformation!

- Mike Adams
Editor, Y2K Newswire

-- Ryker (ryker@soybean.chat), December 01, 1999


Cool, Ryker. Thanks for posting it here.

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (allaha@earthlink.net), December 01, 1999.

Groovy Baby!!!!

-- ohbehave!!! (karlacalif@aol.com), December 01, 1999.

Thought Mike Adams was not going to speak till after January...guess he can't stand it, am glad

-- sandy (rstyree@overland.net), December 01, 1999.

Count me in. I like a good protest march being a product of the '60's...

-- Uncle Bob (UNCLB0B@Tminus30&counting.down), December 01, 1999.

Hope it helps; am totally pessimistic about its prospects.


-- MinnesotaSmith (y2ksafeminnesota@hotmail.com), December 01, 1999.

Mike, I would like to thank you on all that you have done on helping myself and others with your site. But I am tired of warning the DGI's on Y2K. Especially after I went to my family's Thanksgiving Dinnner and my wife said that while I was out walking with my brother my mother told everyone there to not mention Y2K while I was around because I would start talking about how bad things may get and trying to tell everyone to prepare and she had been hearing this for over a year and didn't want to hear it anymore. The mainstream as far as I am concerned can suffer if the shit hits the fan. Especially with all the available information that has been out there for the last couple of years. And after all of the crap I have taken from people, including the loss of one friend whose wife thought I was just a scare monger, "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn". Sorry I am so negative but with 30 days to go I believe you are not going to accomplish much in the way of convincing people, their minds are already made up. But that is just my opionion and I do admire your perseverance. Good Luck

-- ~***~ (~***~@earth.ebe), December 01, 1999.

This is cool. I will make sure our News Director gets a heads up on this. This might just be the one Y2K story we'll cover accurately. Even if I have to cover it myself.

-- Doomer (reporter@aradionetwork.com), December 01, 1999.

I'm with 'stars & wiggles'!

This country could experience ANOTHER attack on Pearl Harbor and I have NO doubt it would simply devide us further than we already are. I too appreciate the effort, however, must point out that any attempt at avoiding panic at this stage is useless. Panic is inevitable and in some cases (like wiggles' family) justified. :)

Patriots are self-sufficient. We don't even have a *country* that's self-sufficient anymore. I'm sorry, but the only message I'd be willing to send TPTB at this late stage would only have Janet "hiteverybranch" Reno bashing down my door.

-- Will continue (farming@home.com), December 01, 1999.

Will you call for Jim Lord To go before Congress so as to prevent people from dying,If,"Mr. CEO" has all of his sh+t in one bag??? Or will this be another "infommercial" with bean selling being the main thrust of the effort? How many "Limited time only" offers will permeate this endeavor?? So many of you "Doom leaders" have added new depth to the word "Huckster". Why do you INSIST on Everybody else to "Verify",and yet the whole bunch of you keep coming up with the likes of "Mr.CEO",etc,etc. BAH,HUMBUG!!! It's unthinkable that jim lord,a supposed navel officer,would take part in this. Shame,shame,shame!!!!

-- Seen it all (notimpressed@home.com), December 01, 1999.

I'm in, but how do you sign up? Went to the site and it says they've got 300 plus already, but how do you sign on?

-- Gordon (g_gecko_69@hotmail.com), December 01, 1999.

Mike , Ed

Do you think this should be a local (USA) event or would it makes more sense if all E-ndustrialzid countries take the same action?

What's about using for example the current post about emb sys (a risk even without date functionality USED) to alert the mass / press?

What's about using Gartner Groups Reports about SME's at risk (this is a world wide issue)?

Sorry for these Q's, but there are not so many Ed's and Mike's out here in Europe (don't know about Japan). And the few ones are tired being flamed by Gov.

Link: www.zeitbombe-jahr2000.de great site, daily news, I guess he is an oldie here. Link: www.megos.ch/allgemein/tag2000.htm Harald Brunner is posting every day slightly ironicaly but well informing (since 2+ y)

IMHO the press in Europe isn't interested in this thing yet but is a little more critical compared to the US.

They're publishing stupid stuff every day, but if you can provide the rainbow press here with facts, hard proofable facts, as the oldies here are doing/trying on this forum every day, your alerts will swap back to the "new world".

-- Rainbow (Rainbow@123easy.net), December 01, 1999.

Sorry to be a wet blanket, but this is absurd. Way too little, way too late. This will only advance urban panics be a week or two, and etc. etc. you know the rest.


-- SH (squirrel@huntr.com), December 01, 1999.

In am sorry to say that I agree with Squirrel Hunter and Minnesota Smith.

It is too late to have an affect on Awareness.

Better time spent on detailing the impact; the response and recovery methods. Some "best practices" for recovery may help others to reduce the severity of impact.

One strategy is Defense in Depth - multiple, redundant ever simpler fall back alternatives for achieving a similar goal.

-- Bill P (porterwn@one.net), December 01, 1999.

I know it's too little, too late, but I'm so sick of the lies.

-- Mara (MaraWayne@aol.com), December 01, 1999.

That's what *rope* is for Mara!

-- Will continue (farming@home.com), December 02, 1999.

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