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I started a new thread because I didn't know if anyone would bother scrolling way down the page to view the discussion on Mayo packets.

I just spoke to a woman at PPI (Portion Pac Inc.) who packages the mayo our Sams Club carries in a box of 200 packets. I asked about the shelf life. She decifered the code on the box for me so you can know when the packets you have were packaged. Here's a sample: 05298265 J 05=May 29=29th day 8=1998

I asked what the shelf life was and she stated 150 days. I asked if that was 150 days from the Sell By date on the box or 150 days from packaging. She hesitated and then said, "from packaging". This particular box with the above code on it has a Sell By date of Oct,29,1998.

I then asked if these packets were similar to canned goods in that the sell by date was not an indicator of the usefulness of the product. IOW, although goods within a can 2 years after canning may have reached their peak for nutritional value...would the mayo past the 150 point make you sick, or simply be past the best by date. She didn't hesitate this time and stated that it wouldn't make you's simply that the oils may separate by that point in time and perhaps the taste could be affected.

I opened one of the packets within the box mentioned above and you'll notice that it's well beyond the 150 day mark. In fact, today is approx. 150 days PAST the original 150 day mark following packaging. Before opening the packet, I squished the content around, mixing the "stuff" inside. I put it on a plate and looked at it in the sunlight. Yep, looks like mayo to me...grin. I personally wouldn't want to eat mayo by itself but bit the bullet and tasted it on my fingertip. It tasted fine to me.

So there's the info. I still have approx. 100 packets left in the box spoken of and am tickled that I won't have to toss it.


-- beej (, December 01, 1999


Since I am VERY particular about my mayo, I have tried to order Hellmann's packets from a local grocer. He said they have not yet delivered the case and it's been about a month.

I waited because of the expiration issue. Now, I may have to round up some of the local brand just to be safe. Time to go to Sam's club I guess.

-- nothere nothere (, December 01, 1999.

Hellmann's is far superior to that *mayo* from Kraft.

-- dinosaur (, December 01, 1999.

whats wrong with buying lots of small jars of vacuum-sealed mayo?

-- lou (, December 02, 1999.

I'm definitely no expert in the mayo dept...that's why I made the call to the above mentioned packager.

I would be concerned if we don't have reliable electricity and wonder about how I'll store the open mayo if our temps outside are above 40 degrees. There's a thread in the food storage forum where one of the posters says she has stored mayo after opening without problems. I've had food poisoning in the past from eating a restaurant sandwich which was prepared with turkey salad in which the mayo had gone bad. I have NO wish to go down that road again...grin. My packets are simply a plan B if....make that WHEN our elec. goes out. We lose it several times a year y2k or no y2k.


-- beej (, December 02, 1999.

Thanks for doing the ground work. Hubby brought home a large ham that Mom had in the refrigerator, he wanted me to look it over inasmuch as there was No Expiration Date, just a bunch of #'s. On the top cover of the ham it was slightly raised, but the seal was not broken. Going home tonight to see if I can figure out the # game.

-- Judy (, December 02, 1999.

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