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My Mom has "Restless Legs Syndrome" (A disorder that renders the victim unable to lie down or sit for any length of time due to a discomfort in the extremities (Not just the legs) similar to cramping, twitching, or "pins and needles"). It is a brain chemistry disorder that she is taking Permax for right now. It is the only drug that seems to work for her, but unfortunately makes her sleepy. My question is: Does anyone know of any alternative, non-prescription treatments for RLS that have been even modestly helpful for them? Yes, I will be posting this on the prep forum as well. I should also mention the she has had a miocardial infarction and had triple-bypass surgery some years ago and takes Atenalol(sp?) and one or two other heart drugs. Thank you for any and all SERIOUS responses.


-- Jeremiah Jetson (laterthan@uthink.y2k), December 01, 1999


Calcium supplements with magnesium and Vitamin D.

In addition (not in place of), she could try nutritional sulpher (MSM)

-- walt (, December 01, 1999.

My mom takes prescription quinine sulfate tabs, but I found that at Wal-Mart there's a package called something like "leg cramp pills" that contains some quinine. Don't know if it'll solve the problem but it's worth a try.

Good luck!

-- peg (, December 01, 1999.

Your mom has my sympathy. I used to have RLS once in a while (seemed to happen more when I was under stress). It's a truly bizarre feeling, like electric current running through your legs. I've wondered what I did to rid myself of it (at least I hope I never have it again), and the only thing I could think of was that I started taking vitamin E. Or maybe I just outgrew it.

-- Pearlie Sweetcake (, December 01, 1999.

check with a Dr. before taking quinine sulfate tabs. Interacts with some blood pressure meds.

-- && (&&@&&.&), December 01, 1999.

I would suggest 2 things. St. Johns Wart. This herb addresses nerve problems which are part of the cause of the twitching. It is available most anywhere.

Next remedy is homeopathic "Mag Phos" in either 12X or 30X. You may have to call some health food stores to find it. This is the homeopathic form of magnesium phospherous. It is the best anti-spasmodic I know of. I have personally experienced its magic in handling any type of spasm or cramping in myself, others and horses.

Both remedies are very in expensive, less than 10 dollars each. Take as directed on the bottles. They are magic.

-- Stacia (, December 02, 1999.

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