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The top ten myths after Y2K

10. People used to fly in the air in great metal birds. 9. Food magically appeared in strange caves known as sooprmakketts. 8. People used to be able to talk to someone over at the other edge of the earth. 7. Rocks are the ultimate weapon that will end war. 6. There used to be no areas with rahdeeashun around. 5. Tax collectors are a recent invention. 4. There was a magical land known as uhmuricah where life was pleasant, wealth was unlimited, and peace reigned. Then they did something really stupid that made it all go away. 3. Something about a mouse in a coke bottle, whatever that is 2. The ancient faith known as restlin is actually a false religion.

And the # 1 post Y2K myth

1. The wisest leader of the olden times was King Klinton

Couldn't resist folks,


-- Y2Kook (, December 01, 1999


i guess that would be the "legacy" that Klinton is after! :(

-- Crono (, December 01, 1999.

People will one day spit when they say his name. His grave will have to be guarded or hidden to prevent desecration.

-- MinnesotaSmith (, December 02, 1999.

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