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I'm in need of a relacement battery door for the X-24 flash.Will consider a "junk" flash if the door is intact.Also,looking for an electronic cable release. Thanks

-- Anonymous, December 01, 1999


Thinking that it may save you a call to Konica, I mention that I recently called them and they have no more battery doors. I have had to put black duct tape on two of mine but it works OK.

-- Anonymous, December 06, 1999

Broken X-24 battery door

I've heard this is a common problem with all X-24s. Try using a zip strip to hold the battery door closed. Unlike tape, it doesn't give and it can be taken off and put back on again when you change batteries.

-- Anonymous, December 07, 1999

Battery door X-24 Flash

Dave: Go to the electrical section of your local hardware store and buy a small package of 11 inch cable ties. The black ones look best on the X-24. Place two of them around the body of the flash so they are holding the door in place. Be carful not to cover the sensor on the front of the unit or interfer with the switch on the top. The "K" and the "a" on KONICA will be covered by the straps. I just paid $1.19 for a package of 8 of these ties. It's a simple fix that works.

Good luck.


-- Anonymous, December 08, 1999

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